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We've Got a Walker!!

This weekend, Kasie and Jeremy came over for dinner, and we decided to grill some chicken, asparagus, and corn on the cob (and it was DeLiSh )! Isaac threw it all on the grill and cooked while we all played with Grace: She had a really great time playing with Jeremy and beating him up again: Then, we decided to try and get her to practice walking some more. It took her a few tries to get comfortable: We even tried bribing her with a popsicle: But she just ended up taking a break to eat it: Finally, when she finished dripping yellow all over her new shirt, we tried again. This time, she took off and walked all over. She did so good: At ten and a half months, I think we can officially say we've got a walker!!

Hoppy Easter!!

When Grace woke up Easter morning, Isaac and I were still extremely tired. She was sitting in bed and kept pointing up at the top of the closet. When I looked to see what she was pointing at, I saw her Easter basket that I had hidden away. I got it down and let her go to town so Isaac and I could get a few more minutes of sleep. I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures though: After she opened what the Easter Bunny had brought her (an Olivia DVD and backpack, eggs filled with playdough, and an adorable summer outfit), we let her open the eggs and play with playdough for the first time while we ate breakfast. I was very surprised that she didn't even try to eat it once. She loved pulling it apart and throwing little bits here and there: Next, Lisa, Kasie, Grace, and I went to do a little shopping while the boys went back to bed. It was raining and still managed to be absolutely perfect out. Grace got some cute new shoes: Lisa bought some shirts and pictures frame

The Real World: Newport

After Grace's first beach day (and a much needed nap), we headed over to my family's house for a barbecue. We hung out on the porch and enjoyed the weather along with some Pacificos: Kasie and Jeremy taught Grace how to beat up boys, and she thought it was hilarious: She got to hang out for a while before we went out for the night: Since we knew we'd be leaving her with Grandma, Isaac thought we should buy some formula in case she got hungry. We were smart about it and decided to try it out before we left to make sure she'd be alright. She tasted one sip, spit it at me, and threw her bottle in the sand. I guess she didn't like it, so I made sure to feed her a hot dog at the barbecue and make some extra milk to leave for her just in case. We let her get sleepy and then took off so Grandma could put her to bed. She did much better the second night and slept the whole time we were gone. We knew it was going to be a great night when we met Suzette (not that

This Week...

...Grace started to enjoy snuggling again. For the first month after she was born, she would sleep on my chest all the time. It was the sweetest thing ever until she reached two months of age and wanted to lay down by herself. This past week, she has started to cuddle with me again, and let me just tell you...I AM LOVING IT!! ...I snapped some pictures of Grace just as she was waking up from a long night's sleep. She couldn't keep her eyes open because she was still so tired: ...Grace discovered a high-pitched scream and does it every time she gets excited: ...she also learned to point and enjoyed using this new skill to "talk back": ...Grace got her very own popsicle. I found some new ones at the store called Mighty Minis . They are little and take a long time to melt. I guess we'll never know if that claim is true, because Grace ate it in about ten seconds: ...we took our long awaited trip to Newport and it was perfect (you can read about it HERE

Best Friends and the Ocean

Two years ago, we went to Newport for Easter. Since we didn't have a baby back then, it was a pretty crazy weekend. We talked to our friends that made the trip last time and decided that it was time for a repeat. All of us figured out our schedules and planned to head to California. Kasie and Jeremy found a nice little beach house for the five of us to rent, and we booked it. If this trip was going to be anything at all like the last one, we knew we'd need someone to help out with Gracie. Isaac called his mom, and she was delighted to join us. All of us took off work on Friday so we could enjoy some extra time down there. We left that morning and couldn't wait to get there. As soon as we arrived, we unloaded the cars and headed straight for the beach. My cousins have a beach house in Newport, and they happened to be there that weekend as well. Isaac thought it'd be a good idea to walk over to see them (even though it was 2.6 miles away). We all agreed since