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Girly Girl

Char Char is thirteen months old.  We've been so busy lately, that her first birthday party seems like it was months ago. Charley is 29.5 inches tall and 21 pounds. She is fully in size 12-18 months now, though she still wears her favorite 6-12 month clothes, because they still fit (barely) . She wears size 3-4 in shoes. She's literally in that between phase where threes are too small and fours are too big. She is learning how to talk pretty well. She says thank you, uh-oh, go, dada, mama, Grace (she recently started calling her Gigi), doggie, and she calls my mom's dog Koda dah dah (not like dada). She also knows where to find your nose, and calls is a "gose". Baby doll's canines finally made their final appearance and seem to be settled in for good. Luckily, there were no side effects this time around. Thank goodness that diaper rash never returned! That makes sixteen tiny teeth now. She has started liking movies

Last Week...

...we had the best family  vacation ever in California . After five days at the beach and Disneyland , we still had five more days off work! ...Charley helped me take Grace's current measurements for her modeling agent:   ...we ate dinner at home and the girls insisted on saying "cheers" in between every bite: ...since I had a few days off, I got to go get my nails done in the middle of the day. It was fabulous and my nail girl, Tiffany, is simply the best (at doing nails and listening to whatever issues I've got going on that week). I just love her:   ...Grace had a modeling shoot for the Halloween costumes she did last year. They needed some three year old shots, and since she is a year older, she got to shoot in the bigger costumes this time. They curled her hair a little and did the tiniest amount of make-up, which instantly turned her into a twelve-year-old. I can't get over how big and beautiful this girl is: ...aft