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Last Week...

Picture of the Week: Going Fishing in the Rain Monday, Perry and I hung out in bed and watched TV. She was being so silly and kept saying she wanted to go to California. She went upstairs to see sisters and bumped her head on the stair railing on her way back down. Her sad face melts my heart. She went on the potty and was back to her happy self when she got her gummy bears. She always says "I go potty get gummy bears!" followed by a squeal. We sang songs in the car before school Tuesday morning. The girls made some fun crafts on coffee filters and wanted to hang them all over the house. Perry painted with bubbles, learned about the letter 'B', and learned about traffic symbols. Wednesday after work, we headed up to the cabin for a super long weekend of relaxation. The next morning, the girls got ready and we hung out in the front while waiting for horseback riding to open. We took the gi