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Last Week...

...we celebrated Christmas with all of our families. ...Daddy cleaned the house with this little munchkin attached to him: ...Grace has been carrying this purse around everywhere. Grandma Lisa got it for her for Christmas, and it has all of the essentials inside. I can't tell you how many times a day this girl puts lip gloss on her lips. She takes pictures of everyone, "say cheese!". She won't even let me open the hair ties up, because they're hers and they go in her purse: ...the girls slept so peacefully in their own beds: ...we had dinner at Montesano's where Grace insisted that sister sit right next to her: ...Charley played on her table from Santa and even practiced standing like a big girl: ...the girls had a slashfest in the bathtub: ...since Charley started crawling, standing on furniture, and babbling away, she and Grace have really become best friends. Not only did Grace insist that Charley sit by her at dinner ea

Mommy's Girl

Charley is now two-thirds of the way to a year old: Those eight months flew by! I feel like she's still a little tiny baby, but she's going to be one in just four short months. Wahhh! I mostly call her Chawdge, because that's what Grace calls her. Side Note: It's weird how your children can't say things correctly, you think it's cute, so you just start saying them wrong. It's probably not the best way to teach them, but whatever. (Grace says "I'm so drinky" instead of "I'm so thirsty", and Isaac won't let me correct her. Now we all just say "I'm so drinky". Not weird at all.) She also goes by Bug, Lil Tush, Stink, Boogie, or Charley Anne. Daddy likes to call her that last one in a sing-song kind of voice:   This month, Charley really started eating more food. She's devoured mac and cheese, small bites of bread, yogurt melts, puffs, and several pouches. We usually try to feed her a fruit

Snow Bunnies

Isaac and I had a four day weekend for New Years, so we were planning on heading up to my family's cabin for the weekend. When the girls and I came down with a cold, we decided it'd be best to stay home. The girls started feeling better Friday, so we made plans to head up to Mt. Charleston the next day. We grabbed some sleds and snow pants Friday night and went to bed early to get ready for our big day. Saturday morning, we all met up at our house and stopped at Starbucks on our way to the snow. Nick helped us find the perfect spot for sledding, and we were so excited. When we got there, we all hopped out of the car to get our snow gear on. Of course I had to feed Charley to get her ready for a few hours of playing in the snow. When she was done, we got her all dressed up and ready for the snow, too: I can't get over how big/old she looks here! The bigger kids couldn't wait to get into the snow: They had fun sledding down the drive wh