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Baby Bug

My little Charley Bug is already seven months old.   She is so dainty and girly, but this month she has really started to feel solid. When you pick her up, she's more compact and full.  She has long, curled lashes and the best lips ever. Her hair is darker than Grace's and will probably be more like mine. It seems straight and thick and has started to grow a little faster. At seven months, I think we can officially say Charley is a crawler. She moves from one side of the room to the other so quickly. She rolls, scoots, and now she can get up on all fours and get where she's going. She loves to eat pouches just like Gracie did.  Her favorites are sweet potatoes, chicken and brown rice, and peaches. She has six teeth - the two middle bottom ones and her top four front teeth. She loves to jump up and down in her bouncer. Charley is wearing size 6-12 months although it's pretty big on her. She can still fit into her 3-6 month

Last Week...

...we had dinner at Montesano's where Grace read us the menu: ...Grammy Gruber got Grace a huge Minnie Mouse coloring book with paint, crayons, stickers, and stamps. She had so much fun painting all week: Sister really wanted to help: ...Charley ate her first cookie and loved it: ...we finished decorating our house for the holidays. ...Grace continued her swim lessons. She's doing so much better lately and having so much fun: ...Charley hung out in the car with Mom and Dad while we waited for our food: ...we had dinner at the mall one night: ...we celebrated Thanksgiving with most of our families. ...we spent the long weekend at our family's cabin in Utah.   ...Grace and Grammy went on a fairy hunt while we were at the cabin. Unfortunately, they were a little too noisy and scared them all off. Since the fairies have now moved into the forrest, it's likely that we'll be able to find even

It's Basically Tradition

After Thanksgiving, we drove up to my family's cabin in Elkridge, Utah. The babies did great and slept the whole way there. Since we arrived pretty late, we went straight to bed to rest up for our fun filled weekend. When we woke up the next morning, it was so beautiful outside. We're talking warm and sunny with crisp clean air. We couldn't resist heading out to play. The past few years, we've taken our Christmas card photo at the cabin over Thanksgiving's basically tradition now:     After we got a few good shots, we took Grace and Charley down to the pond. Grace had fun skipping rocks with Daddy and making sister laugh. Charley showed off all FIVE of her big girl teeth: After a while, we went back inside to wait patiently for Uncle Zac, Aunt Stefanie, and Baby Presley (or Pres-a-ley as Grace likes to call her)  to arrive: When they got there, they told us that some wild turkeys were out back. Of cours