Decking the Halls

We put our tree up the second week in November. Some people say that it's a little early, but when you've got a two and a half year old, Christmas can never come too early. Look how excited this kid was to put a tree in our living room:

Each year, I see all of the new ornaments in the stores and want so badly to redo my tree. Then, once I finally get it up, I remember just how awesome, beautiful, and perfect our tree is and am so glad that I stuck with our colorful theme.

Once the tree was up, we slowly added ornaments for about a week until it was complete. I had such a blast with Gracie helping me this year. She loves the tree and is constantly moving ornaments around all over the place:

Each year since we had Grace, we've started collecting Hallmark's annual ornament. I can't wait to have a million of these showing how our family has grown each year:

Once the tree was finished, it was time to start on the outside. Our neighbors are awesome, so we string lights across the street in between our two houses. We've slowly been collecting lights little by little each year. This year we weren't sure what to add, so we headed to a million a few places to see what they had.

Grace fell in love with this Rudolph. He's her new best friend, and she's been taking him everywhere. It's a little difficult since he's so big. I think we're going to have to get the Frosty one next:

When we got home from the stores, both of the girls had fallen asleep in the car. Somehow, it was close to seventy degrees outside, so we let them sleep with the windows rolled down:

Don't worry, we didn't leave them outside alone. We started working on putting all of our awesome lights up:

We were going pretty good when Charley bug decided to wake up. She was such a good girl and hung out in her pack n play on the driveway for a while, so we could keep moving along:

I moved onto the inside for a bit, to get everything together in there:

(We got these cool new stockings this year. Daddy's Bears one hasn't come in yet!)

Once I was all finished decking the halls on the inside, I went outside to see how Isaac was doing. He was finishing up, so I did my awesome candy cane riverbed (maybe my favorite part!), and we were done:

I love Christmas time! Everything just makes you feel so happy inside. We have so many fun traditions this next month, and I can't wait to share them all with my hubby and the girls.

Here's to lots of hot cocoa, bright lights, and a blessed holiday season to you all :)

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