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Last Week...

...Grace went to lunch with Grandma Lisa, and Uncle Zac came along and colored with her:

...we made some organic dinners including Panko crusted chicken cutlets with zucchini. Surprisingly, Grace loved it:

...I caught her and Daddy sleeping the same way:
(cutie pies!)
...Grace got her first taste of sushi:

She also learned how to slurp noodles:

...we went to breakfast at our usual Saturday spot, Marie Callender's:

...we spent a few hours playing at the park.
...we all colored together at Grace's table. Her favorite thing in the whole world is to have both Mommy and Daddy sitting next to her coloring:

See ya next week :)

Fun-Filled Park Days

We've been having some really odd weather here in Vegas the past couple of weeks. It'll be 55 one day and 75 the next, so we've been trying to enjoy those warm days and make them extra special.
Last week, we went to a park close to our house.
This week we decided to try a new one that's just a little ways down the street.
Grace loved it, and we loved watching her have fun.

Here are some of the best pictures of the day:

(My absolute favorite!!)

It was so nice out, even baby Tenley came to join us.
Grace tried showing her how to climb up the rock wall:

She was really happy that she made it to the top:

We posed for a quick picture with the gals:

Grace found her shadow for the first time and was amazed by it:

Daddy and Grace hung out on the bridge:

I was a gorgeous day. It tired us all out so much that all three of us slept for two and a half hours when we got home! Now that Grace is big enough to actually enjoy the park and play with other kids, we're going to be having a lot mo…

Baby Charley

So we're 99.9% set on Charley Anne Espejo for the baby's name.

It can still change if we find something we like better.

We said we wanted to wait until we saw her face to decide.

Well, this past week, we got to go to our second 4D Ultrasound appointment. We did this with Grace, and she looked exactly like the pictures. Since we went earlier to find out the sex as soon as possible, we bought the package that included a second appointment. The one closer to the end is the most fun. When you're pregnant, you can't help but wonder what your baby is looking like as he/she is bouncing around in your belly.
As soon as we saw the baby's face, we knew that she didn't look like a Kyle (Isaac's favorite name). She could possibly be a Julia, but then we said the name Charley and she got this big grin on her sweet little face:

That kind of solidified it for us.
So unless something more amazing comes along before she arrives, Charley Anne Espejo it is.
Charley means "fr…

Nine Out of Ten

This week, we are twenty-nine weeks prego:

This means baby has a nine out of ten chance of survival if she is born now. She can now control her own breathing and body temperature, and she's really good at coughing and sucking. 
We have a 4D Ultrasound this upcoming week, so we'll finally get to see what she looks like! We are both really excited for that. 
I'm also curious to see how she's grown and get an better estimate of when she'll be born.
Isaac and I decided not to do a nursery this time around, since Grace never even used her crib.
Now that she has started sleeping in her toddler bed, we figured the new baby may do well in her own bed too if it was in our room.
Grace's bed is near the window and there is a perfect amount of space for a crib on the other side of it.
I told Isaac that if we could find another crib exactly like Grace's, I'd love to get one to put there.
 I remember when we bought the rails to change Grace's from a crib to a toddler bed…

Last Week...

...Grace is twenty weeks.

...we played outside with the neighbors where Grace got to meet her first hamster. She really liked watching it, but wasn't too excited about touching it at first:
(Easton cracks me up in this picture. Such a cutie!)

When an airplane flew overhead, Grace got distracted. She loves watching them fly by:

After Ashley put the hamster back in its ball, the kids had fun chasing it around. They even got down to watch it roll under Grace's car:

Grace and Easton shared some snacks, too:

...Grandpa Rick called and asked us to bring Grace over around 4pm. I had plans with Kasie, but took her over there to see what he needed. Turns out, my sister Allison had flown in from Ohio a few hours earlier to surprise us all! We were so excited to see her. Grace even dragged her in the bedroom to show her the awesome doll house Grandpa got her for Christmas:

I had to call Kas to cancel, so we could spend some time with Allison.
Of course we went to Ventano (our family favorite), …

My Little Family

The weather this weekend was so beautiful!
We decided to take Grace to the new park that opened up by our house. It's really big and has a separate playground for the younger kids which is really nice.
Grace started off walking through the tunnel. It was super cool, because you can see through half of it. She liked looking at Mommy and Daddy through the window:

Grace soon found the slide:

Although I think she liked climbing up it more than sliding down:

She quickly learned how to climb up the steps to get back to the top:

We tried the swings, but she wasn't super fond of them:

She practiced driving the playground:

She learned how to use the ladder steps:

She worked on her rock climbing skills:

And then she had enough of the baby park. Big girl wanted to play on the big kid toys.
We headed over there, and Grace was fascinated.
She tried balancing on these nifty things:

She wasn't great at standing on them, so we tried sitting instead:

Then she wanted to try climbing on the net:

That didn&…