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Last Week...

Picture of the Week: 80's Day at School (check out their crimped pony tails!) ...after school on Monday, it wasn't absolutely miserable outside, so we let the girls play out front. It wasn't long before the Sebastians joined, and the kids wanted to fill water balloons. Perry loved playing in the water and couldn't get enough. ...Char pushed her around in her little truck, while we waited for them to fill up. ...the kids stole them faster than they were filling up. They had a blast soaking each other. ...when we ran out, they moved on to sidewalk chalk. We got some chalk paint for one of the girls' birthdays, and it was definitely a hit. ...Perry stole JJ's big wheel and ruled the streets. ...all of that playing really tuckered her out, and she passed out quickly at bed time. ...Perry loves Toodles, and is always waving "hi" to him, chasing him around, and sitting by the back door wit