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Why and Whale {Surprise Pack Unboxing}

We've been spotting Why and Whale's monthly surprise pack all over social media lately, and after hearing about how awesome they are, we had to try them out for ourselves!
The monthly surprise pack from Why and Whale is a subscription pack featuring handpicked apparel, toys and other cool finds. It's for modern kids ages 6 months - 6 years, and they always have the best, high quality brands with new things to try. 
Our first package arrived after school one afternoon, and Perry couldn't wait to rip it open and see what was inside. While I was most excited about the J&J + Grovia ballot wetbag, Perry couldn't open the Moluk Mox balls fast enough!
Moluk Mox Balls
Perry was instantly drawn to these cute little guys and demanded that I open them right away. She shook them each out of the box and then got up and ran to her own little corner to make sure her big sisters didn't steal them from her. She giggled at each of their little faces and then proceeded to thr…

Last Week...

Photo of the Week: Playing at the District

...Poppa and Gran came over for dinner on Monday, and the girls had a blast getting Gran to jump on the trampoline with them, while Perry giggled along in her swing.

...I made a new slow cooker pork recipe, but it burnt, because I didn't get home quick enough. The middle was still moist, and Perry couldn't get enough. We'll have to try again with two roasts and see if it can last all day in there.

...Daddy came home from work, and Perry was super excited to have him home.

...she found Char's purse on the chair and went through it to see what treasures she could find.

...we snuggled in the La-Z-Boy at bedtime. 

...Grace and Char have been playing rock, paper, scissors every night to see who gets to get in the shower first. Grace has legit won at least ten times in a row. Charley was a little sleepy Wednesday night, so she didn't take too well to losing again. The end is the best.

...Perry starting making a new "cheese…