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Last Week...

...Monday afternoon we did some grocery shopping at Whole Foods, and the girls each wanted their own mini-cart. ...Uncle Elijah came over with Ashley and then Grandpa and Grandma Espejo stopped by, too. Charley serenaded them with Frozen songs. ...I got my nails done Tuesday with a hint of Valentine's Day. (That pink, though!) ...We had a play date scheduled with the Luks, but it was windy and chilly at the park, so we went to their house instead. The kiddos had a blast, and Charley fell in love with Hudson's Buzz Lightyear wings. ...we used our Omaha Steaks gift card from Grandma Sally, and the steaks were delivered with dry ice. The girls had a blast playing with it while it melted. ...we kept it healthy with a Mahi Mahi dinner that night. ...the girls did the Hokey Pokey at Poppa and Grandma's on Thursday. ...Char finally got to be Elsa (Grace usually hogs this one) . ...we watched Book of Life while