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Last Week...

...Gracie's Halloween costume came in the mail, and she was so excited to try it on. Then, Charley decided she had to try it on, too. Then, we went to a Halloween store, and Grace saw the cutest Elsa dress and decided that she and Char would be Elsa and Anna instead. So much for the Spider-man costume that I already bought. I guess we can add it to their dress up corner. ...Isaac played with the girls while I took a much needed bath. We have super hard water here, so if we don't use our hot water very often in a specific faucet, the cartridge jams up, and we have to replace it. This has happened numerous times over the years. Since we moved the girls upstairs, we haven't really used our tub very often. When I went to take a bath, there was no hot water, so I had to sneak upstairs and use the spare bathroom's tiny tub instead. It was still relaxing, and I enjoyed every second of it. Although, now we'll have to replace that cartridge in another month or so, a