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Last Week...

...Monday, when I picked the girls up from school, they were having too much fun and begged me to stay a little while longer. ...when we finally got home, Grace helped me put together goody bags for her friends at school. My grandma made these adorable Rudolph bags, so all we had to do was fill them with candy. (Thanks, Grandma!) ...once those were all done, we started baking Christmas goodies for the neighbors (we had already gotten five packages of cookies from them) . The girls were super helpful this year and loved to stir everything while I put it all together. Plus, they looked as cute as can be in their adorable chef hats and aprons. ...Tuesday after work, we packaged it all up and dropped the packages off to everyone. We just love our neighbors. They are all so awesome! ...once they were all delivered, we headed to Poppa and Grandma's with a plate of extras to share with our family. They decided t