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Nineteen Months

While reading my past blog post about Grace , Isaac and I couldn't believe how similar our girls are at the nineteenth month mark.   The biggest difference lies in their size. Charley is twenty-four pounds, seven ounces and stands thirty-two inches tall. She hits exactly in the fiftieth percentile for both weight and height - the perfect baby. (How weird that she has been in these same percentiles since she was born!) Grace on the other hand was two pounds chunkier and an inch shorter. Little ball of squish she was. Another difference is definitely the hair. Grace had full on curly pigtails at this age. Char is still working up to that, because she got Mommy's stick straight hair.   Charley has learned so many new words and talks to everyone she meets. She loves to hold conversations with people, and gets excited when she knows words. If I put on her jammies with cupcakes, she'll point to each one and say "cuh-keek" over and over.   She also love

Be Concious of Your Treasures

Thursday morning, we woke up at Grandma Crnkovich's house. It was freezing cold, but I had my husband and sweet girls snuggled in bed with me. I couldn't help but freeze this moment in my mind and think about how thankful I am to have them in my life. We got up, ate breakfast, and got ready for the day. Then, we played outside on the back porch while waiting for Grandma Sunshine and Grandma Sally to finish getting ready.       Once we were all ready to go, we headed to the nearest Starbucks for some warm drinks to help us forget about the cold outside. We arrived at Great Grandma Jennie's just in time for Rick to carve the turkey. Grace was amazed watching him and stole a bite when she thought no one was looking.             Little stinker ran off with her turkey, while Charley took a ride on the walker.       Everyone finished getting dinner ready, while Isaac took some time to catch up with his Great Grandma.