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This Week...

...we bought a pumello at the grocery store. We had no idea what it was, but it basically tasted like an orange:

...Isaac tried the"Hurricane Simulator".  We've been seeing these all over, and Isaac finally got brave enough to test it out. Apparently, it blew winds at the speed of about eighty miles per hour. Doesn't look too bad, does it?  Isaac said it just felt really windy. I was hoping it would blow him all around the machine and get him soaking wet. Major let down.

...Isaac's Papa and Grandma Diane came into town to meet Gracie bear. They arrived on Thursday, so we decided to drive out to his mom's to see them all when Isaac got home from work that night.
Grace was the sweetest little pumpkin while we drove across town for the big surprise:

She even took a little nap:

They were shocked to see us, and Grace loved meeting them. She got to enjoy dinner at the Olive Garden while becoming accustomed to another set of grandparents. Once her shyness wore off, she c…

Every Now and Then

Although I haven't blogged about it in a while, Kasie and I have been continuing our tradition of cooking dinner together every Friday night.
I must say that I feel like I am becoming a much better cook (my list of dinner dishes now consists of much more than tacos and macaroni with cheese)!
However, this past week, we decided that it'd be nice to take a break from cooking and go grab some sushi.
Since Isaac has been working an insane amount of hours lately (seriously SLAMMED at work...which is a GrEaT thing I suppose), he was all about the sake.
First thing when we sat down at the table, Isaac ordered up some Sapporo and sake for the four of us.
We got everything ready and started in on the sake bombs.
This is probably a little irresponsible pretty hilarious considering the fact that we were sitting in a quiet restaurant with older people all around, AND a baby in a highchair was also sitting at our table.
Isaac insisted that we yell "SAKEEEEE" whenever we'd take a dri…

Happy Monday

Random thoughts I've been having lately:
1) Natalie Portman is ThEe cUteSt PreGo!!
Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

2) Everyone loves the vampires from Vampire Diaries, and let's face it. They're hott.
But is it just me, or is Tyler Lockwood (resident werewolf) getting hotter by the episode?

I am finding myself having a really hard time watching this show lately.
It's seriously the same thing over and over. 
Someone is trying to kill Elena.
Stefan and Elena break up. No wait, they're back together. Broken up again?
If you don't watch the show, don't worry. 
I just summed up the whole season for you.
3) Blake Griffin is a beast.
And I think I love him.
See below.

4) Britney's new album Femme Fatale comes out in T minus twenty-two days.

I've been obsessed with Britney Spears since I was about twelve.
By the second or third day, Isaac will be begging me to turn it off!
5) My birthday is in less than two weeks (twelve shopping days left).
This is…

This Week...

...we celebrated our first Valentine's Day as a family.

...we baked up a ton of cookies at Grammy's. My mom watches Grace every morning while I work, so when I went to pick the little Monkey up on Monday, we baked and decorated cookies with Jeni and Kailen. I let her hold a small one, and she didn't seem interested in eating it. The next time I looked over at her it was half gone. Then she proceeded to spit out cookie crumbs in a steady stream for what seemed like five minutes straight.

...Grace and Daddy found a ladybug on the car:

It kept her entertained for quite a while.

...I stole Grace's binky, and she thought it was pretty funny:

...she played on the floor with her toys:

...she fell asleep in the car:

...she showed me her two top teeth that have come in:

...she learned to push her stroller and walk behind it (and was obviously very proud of herself):

...she napped on the couch with Daddy:

...she played at Aunt Geni's while we tried to get her to crawl. I swear she&#…

I Want Her to Need Me

I have FinAlLy started to make the jump for Grace to sleep in her own bed instead of ours.
Go Me!!

Well, not at night. 
And not really in her bed.
Let me explain...
Her nursery (and crib) is upstairs while our room is downstairs. 
I CaN't make her sleep up there all alone, so she has had a pack 'n play in our room since she was born:
One week old, sleepy, tiny, angelic, perfect baby Grace.
She started off sleeping in there every night. 
Since I'm breastfeeding, I would get so tired in the middle of the night getting up with her that I started just laying her down next to me in bed.
It is SoOo much easier to pick her up from the bed where she is sleeping right next to me than having to get up and walk over to get her, AND stay awake enough to go put her back in her bed after she eats.
The whole time I was pregnant, people would tell me the number one mistake parents make is letting their babies sleep in bed with them.
Not because it can be harmful to the baby, but because you'll ha…

Every Little Girl Wants a Pony

Bonnie Springs is a place I used to go as a kid.

My dad would take me there to see all of the different animals and have a 'Bonnie Burger' for lunch.

This week, he thought it'd be fun to take Grace.

Since Sunday was beautiful, we decided we'd head out there.

Grace was AwFulLy excited:

She kept fussing in the car that morning.

She wasn't really crying, just whining enough to get our attention.

When we stopped to pick up my dad, we discovered the source of her fussiness:

Poor kid!
We fixed her hat and left for Bonnie Springs.
The parking lot was really full, so we went straight to the restaurant to put our names in.
The bar in there had tons of bills stapled everywhere. 
People wrote their name on them and the date they had visited.

I was talking to one of the older guys in the bar, and he told me a really neat story behind them.
The whole roof and walls used to be covered in bills from around the world.
When the tragedy happened on 9/11, they took all of the money down an…