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Last Week...

I've decided to change these posts to "Last Week" instead of "This Week" since I always post them about the week that has just passed. ...Grace was perfectly fine until we put her in the bath Sunday night. She started having trouble breathing, and it only got worse when we took her out. We put her in her jammies and got into bed, but kept worrying because you could hear her struggling to breathe pretty loudly. Wondering whether or not we should take her to the hospital, we monitored her breathing all night. The next morning was just as bad only now she had this horrible sounding cough. There were no other symptoms, so we assumed it was croup (a virus that causes your voice box and throat to swell making it hard to breathe and causing a cough that sounds like a seal). I called her doctor and Grandma Lisa took her in first thing that morning. Grace did indeed have croup along with an ear infection. Say what?! How was she happy and playing one second and super sic

The Sound of Snow Crunching

After our wonderful Thanksgiving, we headed straight for the cabin to get three full days of relaxation: The drive took us forever thanks to a massive mudslide taking the road out. We ended up going through Zion National park thinking since it was a much shorter distance, it would make for a much shorter drive. Once we got closer, we notice that the map on the GPS looked something like this: With all of those hairpin turns, we had to drive about fifteen miles per hour the whole way through the park. Thankfully, Grace slept and watched A Bug's Life the whole time. The only good thing about going through the park was that there was absolutely no light anywhere nearby, so the night sky was unbelievable. We'd never seen so many stars before. Once we finally arrived to the cabin, we were exhausted from our busy day and went straight to bed. Grace and Daddy shared a snack before we hit the sack: The next morning, Grace was super cuddly and even took a three hour nap. S

Three Thanksgivings

Holidays are always super busy for us. Since we have four families, we spend most of the day traveling from family to family. We've been out of town the past few Thanksgivings, either in San Diego or up at the cabin, but after everything that's been going on recently, we decided we should stay in town to see the family over the holiday. Our day started with cleaning and packing since we were still planning on heading up to Utah for the weekend. Around ten, we headed to our first stop: Isaac's dad's house. Grace was ready for a nap by then, so Uncle Zac snuggled with her while she slept: We took a few pictures while waiting for the turkey to finish up: When it was ready, Grandpa carved it up, and we all sat down to eat: Grace ate lots of corn and then enjoyed making faces at everyone in the mirror by the table: After the first delicious meal of the day, we took one more picture before heading to our next stop: Next up was my Dad's house. Grace playe

This Week...

...I caught Grace sneaking out of her pack n play mid movie: Lil' escape artist ...I snapped a few pictures of Grace playing in the bath: ...Gracie wore her cutest outfit yet, complete with Uggs: ...Noah found this hat and asked me "if Santa left it at Gracie's house": ...we put up our Christmas tree and decorated the house. We have almost all of the lights up but will be adding more with the neighbors in a couple of weeks, so I'll wait to show you the pictures until it's complete. Grace is obsessed with the tree and had so much fun helping Mommy decorate it: Apparently, Christmas trees are delicious! Putting ornaments on the tree These are Grace's favorite. She especially likes taking the tops off and dumping the little balls all over the floor. Little Tenley even came over and slept the whole time: What a big help she was! Grace liked watching her sleep though: ...we took Grace shopping at Toys R Us, and she showed us everything she wa