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I had this great idea about a month ago that I would catch up on the blog, and post EVERYTHING that had been happening in the order that it had happened. Well, since more things keep happening...I will NEVER be caught up. So here goes a month's worth of updates...enjoy :) 07/30 : We always have the most amazing time when we get to hang with the Gerfys/Killebrews. When all of the cousins were in town, we got together to hang out and swim. Grace loved meeting so many new faces all at once, and then passed out from all the excitement! Chris kept an eye on her... Isaac and Kasie played some beer pong... I made four shots in a row... ...and Kasie and Matt wore some sweet goggles! 7/31 : Grace's new favorite thing in life is the television. She LOVES to watch tv. Here she is watching 'Good Eats' on Saturday morning while Isaac and I got ready for the day. After that, we went over to my mom's house to enjoy the pool and catch some rays. We drank some beer, ate

Cutest Kid EVER!

We called up our wedding photographers (the most amazing photographers can check out their blog HERE ) when it came time for Grace's newborn photos because we absolutely loved how they shot our wedding. They do things a little different so all of the pictures aren't your standard photos. They bring a lot of creativity and style to the shoot which we LOVE! Trish showed up to our house around four in the afternoon when Grace is usually awake. We made our way up to Grace's nursery to start the shoot. At first she was perfect, smiling and posing for the camera, but as the time wore on, she started to get fussy. We were giving her the binky, counting to three, and pulling it out really fast to get a few shots before putting it back in. Then she decided to fall asleep, and we got some pretty adorable shots of her. Trish worked her magic and we couldn't have been happier with the final results. These are a few of our favorites.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we