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Family Dinner

On Tuesday, Dad, Ellie, Grandma, and Poppa came over to see the baby and cook us dinner. Grace was perfect. She slept in her little swing and practiced looking adorable like usual. Before we ate, we took a picture of the four generations on my dad's side.   Poppa, Dad, me, and Gracie Dad made us fettucine carbonara. It's one of our favorites and it was DELICIOUS! Thank you all for coming over and making us dinner. We had a really good time and can't wait to do it again soon.

Two Weeks Old!

Grace is already two weeks old. I can't believe it! We went to her two week doctor's appointment today, and everything is perfect. When we were in the hospital, she lost 10% of her birth weight which meant she only weighed 7lb 4oz. They were a little worried because 10% is the maximum the baby is supposed to lose. I'm convinced that all of that weight was just her poo! They said that the baby is only supposed to have one poopy diaper the first day, two the second, and so on until they get up to 5 or 6 a day. Well little miss Grace had SIX on her very first day of life. So I'm pretty sure she just pooped all of her weight off. Anyways, at her doctor appointment today she was back up to 8lb 4oz so she's definitely eating well. She seems to be changing every day and making new faces and sounds. Here are some pictures from her second week: She loves to sleep in mommy and daddy's bed She makes this adorable bird face when she's hungry. We've even decided t

Happy Father's Day

For Isaac's first Father's Day, we had dinner with his mom, Craig, Zacarias, and Savannah to celebrate. Lisa brought over Memphis Barbeque (our favorite) on Saturday, and we just hung out and visited all night. The next morning Isaac woke up to a card from Grace hidden by his toothbrush. He was very suprised that being only 6 days old, Grace remembered to get him a card! We got her all dressed up to match daddy for the day. Next, we were off to make our rounds. The first stop was Isaac's dad's. We didn't have any plans to go over there, but decided to suprise him anyways since the other kids were out of town with their friends. We spent a couple of hours visiting with him, Kim, and Zacarias. Then, we headed over to my dad's. We took Grace to visit her grandpa and enjoyed a couple of hours over there hanging out and visiting with him. Finally, we went over to my mom and Rick's house for a prime rib dinner. It was delicious, and Isaac got to relax and enjo

Gracie's First Week

Grace's first week was pretty crazy and went by super fast. Luckily, we took tons of pictures. Grace with Mommy just after she was born. Grace with Daddy. Daddy's first time changing a diaper. Hanging out in the hospital. Getting ready to go home. First time in the carseat. First car ride. Grace's first time meeting Izzie. Hanging out with daddy and Isabel at home. Cuddling with Mommy after dinner. Napping in her bed for the first time. She loves to suck on Daddy's pinky. Her first bottle (that she threw up everywhere). Playing with Izzie in her swing. Grace had a big first week. I never imagined how amazing being a mom would be. It doesn't matter how many hours she keeps us up in the middle of the night or how many times she has spit up milk all over me or peed on her daddy when he started changing her diaper. We couldn't love her more, and I could just spend ALL day watching her sleep and make funny faces. I'm so happy to have her in our liv

Meet Baby Grace

Name : Grace Taylor Espejo Birthdate : June 14, 2010 Time : 7:54 am Weight : 8 pounds 1 ounce Length : 19.5 inches Hair : Dark Brown (and tons of it) Eyes : Bright Blue Birth Story: The night before my scheduled c-section, I had a very hard time sleeping. We had some of our best friends over for the premiere of True Blood (YAY!!) and played rummy for a while before trying to go to bed. I just kept thinking about how excited I was, how it still didn't seem real, and how scared I was because I've never been in a hospital or had any kind of surgery.  The morning came and I woke up, showered, and we headed for the hospital. Once we arrived, I changed out of my clothes, gave blood, got an IV, and waited for what seemed like forever for 7:30 to arrive. Once Dr. Tyre came in, I knew we were ready to go. They wheeled me into the operating room around 7:40, and I got the spinal anethesia. After that, they let Isaac in and told him to sit down next to me. He tried to stand, but th

Three More Days!!

Today is Grace's Due Date!! I had my weekly doctor's appointment on Wednesday, and Dr. Tyre said I was still only dialated about 2 cm.  This was realllly discouraging since we've been trying anything and EVERYTHING to make the labor progress quicker. The baby was still VERY high, and even though we had an ultrasound the week before to make sure baby was head down, she still was unable to tell that her head was definitely what she was feeling. When Isaac and I were at the ultrasound the week before, the technician seemed pretty young and must've been new. When you have an ultrasound, they measure the baby's head, leg bones, and tummy to get an idea of the weight and length of the baby. Usually they take the circumference of the head and tummy once, but this technician must have redone her measurements three or four times. The first couple of times it kept telling us that our due date would be a week earlier than what we were expecting. The girl told us that she n