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Last Week...

...Daddy shared a sweet snack with the girls: ...Grace got a new hat, sunglasses, and a horse named 'Dakota'. She proudly showed them off when we got home from school/work: ...she loved her hat so much that she wore it all afternoon while we played in the backyard and watered her flowers: (They actually started growing!) ...we practiced counting to ten in Spanish. Grace gets to frustrated with herself when she can't do something perfectly. She's definitely a perfectionist like her mama: ...Charley played with Elmo and tried to brush her hair: ...Grace went to swim lessons and did so well. She's this close to getting moved up to the next level: ...the girls dyed Easter eggs at Grammy's house, had their first Easter egg hunt of the week, and even made the cutest Easter cupcakes: ...we played in the backyard some more, and Charley really showed off

Easter Santa

After celebrating Easter at Grammy and Papa Rick's on Wednesday (more on that later as I haven't gotten the pictures from my mom just yet)  and dying eggs with Poppa and Gran on Friday, we still had a busy Easter weekend planned.   Grace had been telling me that the Easter Bunny was going to bring her Sulley from Monsters, Inc . for weeks now. She was so surprised to wake up and find him sitting in the front room on Easter morning. She also got a Sulley toothbrush and cup among a million other things.       Charley bug loves her some Minnie Mouse, so the Easter Bunny did good and brought her the works.     The girls also got some adorable new outfits.     (Was his name Easter Bunny or Easter Santa?)   Isaac suprised me with the prettiest Easter lillies. They're so beautiful and they make our house smell amazing.     I had this plan to have the girls plant jelly beans which would then grow into suckers by morning. Unfortunately, I