A Little Person

This past month, Charley has really become more of a little person than a little baby.

She weighs 19 pounds, 12 ounces and is 27.5 inches tall.
(She's getting closer to Grace's stats at the exact same height and two and a half pounds less than the other little chunker was at ten months!)

Charley has eight teeth, but I'm pretty sure more are on the way. She's been chewing on her little fingers like crazy and drooling alllll over the place.
 She had her hemoglobin checked at her last doctor's appointment, and Dr. Vu said she was right on target. Thank goodness for that! We had to give Grace these iron supplements that tasted HORRIBLE. That only lasted a week before we just quite giving them to her altogether.
She has definite personality traits and has developed some stranger anxiety. Baby girl wants Mommy to hold her 24/7. The only other people she will reach for are Daddy, Grammy, and Miss Teresa (her teacher at school).
Side Note: I am so thankful for Miss Teresa. She is so good with Charley, and seeing my little one's face light up when she reaches out for her teacher makes me feel so much better about having her in daycare two days a week. Whenever I pick her up, Miss Teresa always tells me everything Charley did that day: what she liked to eat, how she made her laugh, and all the details in between. She's such an awesome lady, and we just love her.
This month Charley started standing on her own. She can let go of whatever she's holding onto and just stand there. If she has something in her hands, she can even take a step or two. She can also sit down with control instead of just plopping down like she used to.
She squats down slowly to pick things up and her chunky little legs squishing as she squats there is the cutest thing you'll ever see. She'll then stand back up on her own.
This kid loves to take off running. She will be holding onto something (like the ottoman) and just let go and start running. She eventually falls down, but I'd say she's gotten four or five steps in at a time. She LOVES to chase Gracie around the ottoman. They both just giggle away.
She is very close to walking, but we're not calling it just yet.
When Charley gets tired, she rubs her eyes and falls over onto your chest. It's so cute.
She's not sleeping as well as she used to be, though. If I put Charley in her crib, she'll sleep for about two hours before waking up to search for me. She can't even fit into her sleeper anymore, so she mostly frequents our bed. When she's with us, she'll only wake up twice in the middle of the night to eat and go right back to sleep.
It works out well, because I put Charley to bed in her crib, and then Grace and I get some snuggle time. Once she falls asleep, I move her into her own bed (where she stays all night on most nights). Soon after, Charley wakes up and moves into our bed for the rest of the night. I'm not going to lie, I don't mind holding onto my little one as I sleep. There's just something about a snuggly, sleepy baby that makes a mother's heart smile.

Little big girl can also wave bye-bye, but only when she wants to.
She still isn't a big fan of TV like her sister, but when she hears the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song, she'll do whatever she can to get in view of the TV and dance to the music. I knew when I was pregnant that this would be my little Minnie Mouse baby.

She's growing way too fast. Her first birthday is just two months away! I can't even believe it.
Happy Ten Months, Little Bug!

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