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Picture of the Week: Pool Day with the Boys

We got Brother a new bouncer for the office, because he loved sitting in Oliver and Riley's over the weekend. He was happy to have a new place to hang out at work.

Grace and Char sent me this picture from Kid Zone. I like that they have a little bit of independence going there for the summer, and they love the times when they get to play together. As much as these two fight, they really are the best of friends.

Perry played in Brother's Nemo play mat with him.

Brother's belly was large and in charge after he ate dinner.

The girls played hockey outside in the rain with their besties, and we even got a pretty rainbow.

Brother fell asleep while eating at work.

He hung out in his bouncer some more.

He came with me to my nail appointment and was so good hanging out in his car seat.

He gave me some big ole smiles when he woke up from his nap on Thursday.

Gracie kept an eye on him while I showered before bed, and he was loving the atte…