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Squishes and Kisses {3 Months}

Baby Brother is three months old! That's one quarter of his first year already.

He's really a happy baby. He's always kicking his little legs and is smiling more and more every day. He only cries if he's hungry, and you've ignored the previous five minutes of him grunting and yelling "meh!". I like to think he's really trying to yell "ma!".
He still goes by Brother, but we've also been calling him Bro Bro, Brother Bear, Buddy, and Brudder.

Whenever Perry comes close, she tells us to say, "sister is here". She'll get upset if you say, "There's Perr Perr", and quickly reminds us, "No! Say 'there's sister!'"
Brother is weighing in at thirteen pounds and is twenty-four and a half inches long. He's really getting chubby and has lots of rolls all over. For those keeping record, Grace was fifteen, Char was eleven and a half, and Perry was twelve pounds.  
He's currently in size two diap…

Sun, Fireworks. and Cake {Happy Fourth}

The Fourth of July is always a super fun holiday for us. We usually spend it with friends and family at a pool, and then everyone meets up at our house for fireworks at night time.
This year was no different - except that we had three new baby boy BFFs that got to join in the fun. These guys are all so sweet and such good babies. They spent most of the day sleeping in their rockers together, while the rest of us splashed around in the pool.

Charley had a literal blast when Uncle Alex threw her in the air over and over again. She was loving it.

Perry and Amelia cruised around on the jet ski and thought it was hilarious to keep tipping themselves over. The kids played for hours in the sun and had the best day.

My girls were all tuckered out when we got home, and they all passed out after a quick shower.

Somehow, I managed to get them all up and dressed for fireworks.