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Last Week...

...we spent Monday and Tuesday camping in Pine Valley , Utah and had the best time. ...Tuesday night, we were back at home in our own beds. I came into the girls room to find Charley sleeping with my blanket. I guess she left hers for me to use for the night. ...Wednesday morning, we went to Grandma Sunshine's to get all of our hair trimmed. It was Char's first hair cut, and I didn't even get a picture of it. We also stopped by this French bakery next door and got the most delicious chocolate truffle cake to take up to the cabin with us. ...the girls fell asleep just as we were driving up the mountain to the cabin with the car windows open. the cabin, we hung out on the back porch enjoying the cooler weather (we were spoiled this week!) . ...Isaac and I played Jenga, while the girls watched and played in the game room. ...the next morning, we slept in, and then got ready to head to Duck Creek for lunch. ...we