Last Week...

...the girls looked super cute at school on Monday.

...I took some pictures of Gracie's preschool classroom, since she'll soon be starting a new Kindergarten adventure, and I wanted her to remember what it looked like.

...Char continued to look adorable in her "Taco 'Bout Cute" shirt.

...Grace jumped in to take a picture with sister.

...we got five packs of those new "Bunch O Balloons" water balloons and used all five hundred and forty in a water balloon fight with the Sebastians. The kids had so much fun, and it was so easy to fill the balloons up and keep the cooler full for them. They got really into it and were all soaked by the end. I seriously love these kiddos so much!

...Char was a sassafrass before school on Tuesday and insisted on wearing her shades.

...the girls had gymnastics and did so well.

...Char worked on cartwheels, handstands, and dismounts from the bar.

...she snacked while Gracie got ready for her class.

...Grace looked so grown up stretching and leaning against the wall to talk to her friend like a mini-teenager. She is getting really good at her back bend and has almost perfected her cartwheel.

...Wednesday brought on more sass from these two cuties.

...Mommy got some me time after work and went to a nail appointment with my favorite nail girl, Tiffani, at Aqua Salon.

...Isaac got a new .380, so we now have his and hers in appropriate colors.

...the girls were so excited that Friday was their last day of school before a ten day break.

...we had planned to leave Saturday for our camping trip, but since it was a little rainy and windy outside, we decided to head out the next morning. The storm was headed right for our campground, so we felt like that was the best decision. pass the time, Daddy and the girls played in the huge boxes from all our camping gear and took a trip to the moon in a "spaceship".

...Toodles enjoyed the rain by watching it pour out the window.

...we stopped by REI one last time for some last minute supplies (like rain ponchos), and Char goofed off while we were there.

...she slept so sweetly that night (as per usual).

...Grace drew us a family picture to take on our trip and hang in our tent. If you're wondering why there are five people, it's because she included Noah on the very right.

...we spent Sunday camping in Pine Valley and had the best time ever. More to come!

See you then!

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