Last Week...

...we spent Monday and Tuesday camping in Pine Valley, Utah and had the best time.

...Tuesday night, we were back at home in our own beds. I came into the girls room to find Charley sleeping with my blanket. I guess she left hers for me to use for the night.

...Wednesday morning, we went to Grandma Sunshine's to get all of our hair trimmed. It was Char's first hair cut, and I didn't even get a picture of it. We also stopped by this French bakery next door and got the most delicious chocolate truffle cake to take up to the cabin with us.

...the girls fell asleep just as we were driving up the mountain to the cabin with the car windows open. the cabin, we hung out on the back porch enjoying the cooler weather (we were spoiled this week!).

...Isaac and I played Jenga, while the girls watched and played in the game room.

...the next morning, we slept in, and then got ready to head to Duck Creek for lunch.

...we ate at the pizza place where Grace insisted on keeping her sunglasses on, and Charley played with phone foam cups.

...after lunch, we went fishing at Aspen Mirror Lake. It was so gorgeous, and the girls had a blast playing in the forest, while Isaac and I fished (and didn't catch anything again!).

...Grace tried teaching Charley to whistle, even though she's not great at it just yet. They were so cute walking to the lake together.

...when we were done fishing, the girls hiked through the stream with huge rock going across it.

...we stopped for some much deserved ice cream on the way back to the cabin.

...the girls colored and painted, while we waited for Papa and Grammy to arrive.

...that night, we went to Aunt Sue's for dinner. Charley had to have a toothpick to be cool like Papa. Then we did a little more fishing at the Duck Creek Reservoir, while Papa took the girls back to the cabin. 

...Friday morning, we got ready to go to Duck Creek Days. The girls played out front and practiced casting their fishing poles, while we waited for everyone to get ready to leave.

...when we got to the festival, the girls held hands while we walked in from the car. They spotted Sparky next to his fire truck and ran straight to him.

...of course, we had to hit up all the bounce houses and slides. The girls were so brave going on this giant slide that is way steeper than any of the ones we usually have in Vegas. Isaac couldn't even watch, but they both came down smiling and did it over again, despite Daddy's pleas trying to keep them off of it.

...while we were walking around, we came across a booth selling local honey, and the girls were mesmerized by the bees they had out for viewing.

...we also came across these marshmallow shooters that the girls had to have. They had a blast getting each other (and the rest of us) with marshmallows until they ran out.

...we saw Smokey Bear, and Charley ran up to him using her new shooter and hit him with three marshmallows right in his belly. It was so funny and had everyone cracking up.

...the girls got airbrush tattoos that they were so proud of, and we had to get a Texas Twister (the yummiest lemonade/punch ever).

...after the festival, us girls went fishing. Yes, again! The girls had heavy rubber fish on the end of their poles and loved casting them into the water over and over again. Grace kept saying that she got a bite, but the fish got away every time.

...since we had Grammy, the fish whisperer, with us, I finally caught my first fish! Even though he was tiny, it was still a bite. The girls were so proud until they watched Grammy trying to get the hook out of his mouth.

...we brought a couple of fish that lived back to the pond at the cabin. Grace refused to touch them, because they were too slimy. To be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of touching them either! I ended up catching the one little guy and then four normal sized fish. I was so excited that after so many days of fishing, I was actually catching something.

...back at the cabin, Papa took Gracie for a ride to feed the horses.

...the kiddos searched for fairies and found quite a few hanging out in the bushes just off the porch. Grace even saw one flying around the light.

...the next morning, we got all the kids ready and headed down to the pond to see if our fish were still alive. Unfortunately, we didn't see any, but they still had fun throwing rocks into the pond to see who could make the biggest splash.

...we all got ready to go back to Duck Creek for the second day of the festival, but Gracie wanted to check on the little fish first. Grammy wouldn't let us put them in the pond, because they weren't real fish. I can't remember the name for them, but apparently they're"trash fish". the festival, Grace hitched a ride on Papa's shoulders.

...we stopped by the Fatty's Barbecue truck and the girls enjoyed a vanilla cream soda before getting even more airbrush tattoos.

...we didn't stay for long, because we had been there the day before, and it was pretty hot down in Duck Creek. We headed back to the cabin where we played cornhole and drank some apricot beers. The kids had fun playing with each other and snacking on fruit snacks out back.

...after dinner, we went on a deer run to see if we could find any roaming around. We actually saw a ton, and went up to a ridge with the most gorgeous view.
 the top, the girls switched seats, because Gracie was scared. Charley was loving getting to sit up front with Grammy.

...we headed home early Sunday morning, because the girls had to be at Grandma Sunshine's by noon. They were having a sleepover and got to go to their friend's house for a barbecue pool party. These lucky kiddos had ten days off of school and had the greatest week ever!

See you next week (when we're back to the usual!)!

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