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The Mom Club - Level II

Charley Girl is now three months old: Can I just say that it will never stop amazing me to see how fast babies change? Just look where the top of her head is now compared to where it was when she was born! Since she came into our lives, things have definitely gotten more interesting. When I had Grace, I felt like I had finally joined the "mom" club. Now that I've got two rugrats, I feel like I've been promoted to the more experienced, less "I freak out when my kid sneezes" level. I feel like a totally different mom. Almost like the first time was a dream, and now I'm smack in the middle of life as a mother. I wouldn't change it for the world, though. Seeing these two chickens hug and hold hands melts me into to a huge soppy puddle of love. I've learned how to take both kids to the store (a huge fear of mine before baby #2), and we've adapted to feeding, bathing, and entertaining two kids. It's definitely a lot of fun, b

Last Week...

...Papa Rick got Grace's playhouse all ready for her. She is in love with the little bunny on the porch. Her swing set should be in next week, and then it'll finally be done: Luckiest.Girl.Ever. ...we got some more rain. The weather has been beautiful lately! I got a good shot of it pouring on our office as I was on my way to work: Unfortunately, when I arrived the rain had already moved on. I did get a pretty rainbow to brighten up my day, though: ...Charley discovered her tongue and is now fascinated with getting anything and everything into her mouth: ...Gracie practiced counting to fifteen: ...we played outside without melting due to the cloud cover: ...Charley did a bit of tummy time. She loved looking in her mirror and tried really hard to use her eyes to move her rattle: This only lasts a few minutes. She's not a fan of tummy time, much like her sister. ...we spent the weekend at our fami

All Better

This weekend, we headed up to the cabin for Duck Creek Days: Last year  we had a great time, so we knew this year would be no different. Our trip was very relaxing, traumatic, fun, and terrifying all at the same time. I'll explain by saying that although we had a great trip, we had to call 9-1-1 for Charley and take Grace to the emergency room by the time the weekend was over. (This Mommy is in serious need of a good night's sleep right about now!) Friday, my mom took Charley up to the cabin with her while Isaac and I were at work. We got off a little early, picked Grace up from my grandparents' house, and started our drive up to Utah. Only a minute or two after we got on the freeway, my mom called and the first thing she said was, "Let me start by saying that Charley is perfectly fine." That totally freaked me out right from jump street. "What happened?" was all I could manage to say. My mom had stopped at my Aunt Laura's