Giant Sparklers

Isaac and I had to work on Fourth of July. Luckily, I talked Rick into letting us go home at one o'clock.

We went home to get all festive and took a quick family picture. It wasn't really that quick, though. We probably took forty-five. It's hard to get a shot with both girls looking. This one came out the best:

My sister, Allison, flew into town that afternoon, so we all met up for lunch at Ta Ta. Look how excited Grace was to play with her Auntie:

After lunch, we headed over to Kasie and Jeremy's house for some mango margaritas to celebrate. They were delicious, and we had fun gossiping and dancing to some old mix CDs Kasie came across.

Charley had fun just hangin' out:

Next up was a stop by the Lekar's annual Fourth of July celebration. They always go all out! Just check out the firework table:

(Yup! Those are the gigantic ones that light up the sky.)

They also had Fat Daddy's ice cream truck parked out front all night with free popsicles for the kiddos. Gracie picked a Bugs Bunny one to enjoy:

As the sun went down, the kids started out with the small fireworks:

Rudy and Michelle also had an awesome set up with GIANT sparklers and cool little candles so everyone could easily light them:

Grace wanted Daddy to help her out, so of course he obliged:

He even showed her how to write her name in the street:

Charley hung out with Grammy, so Mommy could get in on the sparkler fun, too:

Charley also hung out with Auntie Al for a bit:

Then the big fireworks started and made Mommy a little nervous. It's kind of scary having two little ones so close to them. We already know how much Grace loves fireworks, but I wasn't sure how Charley would react being awake this time around. They were so pretty, though, and Charley didn't mind them at all:

Side Note: I ordered Charley this adorable flower headband from Itty Bitty Bands on Etsy. It's a double bonus, because it just happens to also be Titans colors (can't waittttt for football season!!). We'll definitely get our use out of it.

The fireworks were ginormous, beautiful, loud, and bright:

What a fun day! We had a great time celebrating with family and friends.

Happy Birthday, America!!

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