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Last Week...

...since it was Sprink Break, the girls stayed the night at Grandma Espejo's on Sunday night and spent the day with her Monday. They had so much fun that they napped on the trampoline after wearing themselves out. ...Charley even napped some more when I picked them up after work. ...Tuesday the girls had gymnastics. It's so incredible to watch Gracie's confidence grow each week. She just loves learning new skills, and the coach works with her so much to help her get things down. ...Charley snacked on her favorite food, avocados. ...Daddy entertained her while Gracie was at soccer practice. ...she kicked the ball around with Camden, while their big sisters were busy. ...we dropped Char off at school a little late on Thursday, since I had taken the day off work. She looked so grown up in her sweet little leopard outfit. ...Gracie had to have a filling and have a molar extracted as another one is coming in just