Last Week...

...the girls finally went to the dentist where we discovered that along with needing two cavities filled, Grace has to have a molar extracted to make room for another one coming in that is stuck on top of it. We got her all set up for the Thursday of spring break. They have to sedate her, and she'll also get some laughing gas. Needless to say, I'm a little worried about the procedure! Charley, on the other hand, didn't have one cavity and her teeth look perfect. Grace was a little upset with her over that.

...Isaac and I were laughing when we saw this. It's so true!

...Charley made Daddy a princess crown and then watched TV with him with her sunglasses on. She's become obsessed and wears them everywhere we go (or don't go).

...Tuesday morning, I woke up and tried telling Char that I was going downstairs to brush my teeth. I couldn't seem to get the words out and was just mumbling random sounds. I went downstairs to sit in the chair in our room for a bit, figuring I was just half asleep still. I started looking through my Facebook and Instagram feeds to wake up. I wasn't able to comprehend anything I was reading. I found myself blinking long and slow blinks while trying to decipher the jumbled up letters that looked like they should be words. At this point, I got a little worried. I decided to brush my teeth, but while doing so, I kept reading the side label of the soap and the toothpaste. Finally, I was able to read the words on the labels, and tried talking out loud to see if I could. I was able to speak and chalked it up to the fact that I had been trying to get my kids to sleep in their own room, thus being woken up multiple times each night to fetch water and give out more kisses.

I got to work and told Isaac about what had happened. He wanted me to call my doctor as soon as the office opened. I texted my mom to see if she thought I should be worried, and she wanted me to call my doctor also. When their office opened, and I called in, they told me to head straight to the hospital even though I was feeling fine by then. Isaac was a at a job site, but he met me there where we were taken into a room and hooked up to all kinds of monitors. They did an EKG and lots of blood work to see what was going on. Everything came back normal with the exception of my blood sugar which was pretty low, especially since I had eaten that morning. While we were listening to Perry's heartbeat on the monitors, she got hiccups (she tends to get them daily), and it was so cool to listen to them over the sound of her little heart.

We were sent home, and the on call doctor suggested I keep some juice boxes and crackers nearby at all times since this was most likely just a case of low blood sugar. We were so thankful that all was well, and we didn't need to worry about anything.

...that afternoon was all about gymnastics.  Charley worked on her backward rolls, and Grace did back handsprings with her coach on the tumble track.

...that night, the girls finally slept in their own room all alone without waking me up. It was a miracle. I never thought this would happen. Now we just have to get them to continue to do so.

...Friday night, we watched movies at home and played with some face filters on my phone. The ones of Isaac and Grace swapping faces kill me every time.

...Saturday was the St. Patrick's Day Parade where we met up with our friends, and the girls had a great time cheering on the floats as they passed by. They love this tradition and having so many of our friends be a part of it makes it all the more special.

...after the parade, everyone took a nap, while I showered and got ready. This worked out perfectly, because we had our maternity shoot at Corn Creek that evening, and I wanted the girls to be in the best moods.

...we initially made a wrong turn on our way out there and came across these fence posts with mannequin heads on them. We turned around quickly and got back to the main road.

...Jamie took some amazing photos, and we love all of them!

...I saw this and thought it was hilarious.

...Sunday morning, we had more fun with the face filters, while we waited for the Directv guy to replace all of our boxes. He probably thought we were crazy with how hard we were all laughing.

...Francesca and Stefanie surprised me with the sweetest baby shower brunch. I seriously couldn't ask for better friends! While we were "brunching", Isaac and Zac took the kiddos to play at the park. Apparently, Presley ran into Char midway and got a bloody nose. Don't worry, Grace and Char fixed her right up, and they were back to playing in no time.

...Grace passed out on the way home with baby sister's new teddy bear.

...I was exhausted that afternoon and laid on the couch, while the girls worked on this cute little craft box from Papa Rick and Grammy. For Christmas, they got them a monthly subscription where they get a box with all the supplies and instructions to make an age-appropriate craft. They had a blast, and made these little green guys for Isaac and my nightstands.

...that night, Isaac gave the girls their bath, and he even blow dried their hair, while I relaxed in bed. Best Daddy ever!

That's all for now! See ya next week :)

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