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This Week (Halloween Edition)...

...Daddy brought us some beautiful flowers when he came home from work on Monday. ...we went to wine night with the girls to celebrate Linzi's birthday. ...we voted! ...we took Grace to the pumpkin patch . ...Grace decided to start fitting into the clothes I bought her for the spring. Yes, that's 6-12 months. ...we went to a Halloween party . ...we took Grace trick-or-treating . We had a great week, but I'm so glad Halloween is finally over! It means we are that much closer to Christmas!! I'm counting down the days until I can put my tree up.

The Night Before Halloween

The Saturday before Halloween, we went to a party that was being thrown by Las Vegas Marina at Lake Mead. We started off the night by heading to my parent's boat so we could all get ready together. Once we were all dressed up, the Walkers picked us up in their boat and drove us over to the marina. We danced, drank, and laughed at all of the funny costumes we saw. All in all it was a pretty great night. Grace came with us and slept in her stroller most of the night. She dressed up in her little kitty costume. Mom and Rick were pirates. I was a vampire, and Isaac was Michael Myers. Jeni was a vampire and Allison was Mrs. Jason. The kids. A picture of the whole fam before we left (Grace was sleeping). I'm glad we got to spend Halloween weekend with our family. It's so fun to show Grace all of our traditions. Just wait until you see her Trick-or-Treating!!


This past weekend we drove past a pumpkin patch near our house, and I knew that I had to take Gracie there. I told my mom about it, but she had a meeting and said she couldn't make it. Isaac got off work around 3, so Grace and I met him down there. The first thing we did was get a caramel apple and a funnel cake. Isaac and Gracie waited for the people to make them while I snapped some pictures. The caramel apple really made it feel like fall!! Isaac really enjoyed his funnel cake. They're his favorite, and this one was seriously the best ever! It was so thick and covered with powdered suger...DELICIOUS!! We ran into one of our friends there, so were able to catch a quick family photo. Grace played with some pumpkins and was really fascinated by all of the big orange balls everywhere. Then we went over to look at the goats. The petting zoo was closed, but Grace still had fun watching them eat hay. Isaac and Grace searched through all of the pumpkins. When they f

Popeye the Sailor (Wo)Man

The weekend before Halloween, some of our friends decided to have a Halloween Party (thanks Maryann and Cole). Isaac and I got Popeye and Olive Oyl costumes last year, but I ended up being prego with Miss Grace, so we didn't get to sport our sweet costumes at any parties. Don't worry, though. These costumes didn't go to waste because Kasie and I decided to wear them this year! Once we got all dressed up, we had to go to the store to buy some spinach. Then we met up with Matt and Frannie and headed to the party. After saying hello to everyone and catching up a bit, we started the night out with some shots. Another Popeye and Olive Oyl showed up, too! Then it was the guys' turn for pictures. Isaac wore his scary Michael Myers costume. It's always a hit! After the first round of pictures, we decided it was time for a few games of flip cup. The girls won every time...because we're just better. Popeye showed off her his strength. We learned to do t

This Week...

...Grace told me stories while Isaac drove us to dinner. ...she became fascinated with her feet and started grabbing them a lot. ...Grace started taking baths in her baby bathtub instead of the kitchen sink. She absolutely loved it!! Her feet can touch the bottom of the tub, so she likes to straighten her legs and bounce up and down, splashing water everywhere . ...she started taking extra long afternoon naps. ...Grace stood up all by herself!! Okay, she kind of used the couch to help her balance. ...we also learned that she likes to be held upside down. ...Isaac woke up with Grace on Saturday morning, so I could sleep in for a bit. When I woke up and came into the kitchen, this is what he had given her to play with: ...I took Grace shopping for some new clothes with my sister Allison. (I know you're saying, "Really?", like you're surprised.) ...Eddie's parents came in town, so we took Gracie over there to meet them! While we were there, she did so

It's the Great Pumpkin, Gracie Boo!

You can't have Halloween without carving pumpkins, so we bought some in Cedar City on our way home from the cabin. Jeni and Allison came over to do them with us, too. After we printed out our patterns, we got to work gutting them. This is always my favorite part. Obviously, Isaac enjoys it too! Once they were all ready to go, we used tacks to put the designs onto the pumpkins. Grace decided to help Daddy when we started to carve them. Then she waited patiently for us to finish,  so we could help her carve hers. She wanted to make an Elmo pumpkin. The finished product. All of our awesome pumpkins. I can't wait to carve pumpkins again next year. I've already got my eye on a few patterns!!