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The Nursery!

After weeks and weeks of waiting for the baby bedding, it finally arrived and we were able to start on the nursery!!
The bedding came in on a Wednesday so the next day on our lunch break we went to Home Depot to check out some paint. We picked a color we really liked in Behr's Disney Collection. It was called "Shy Little Piglet" from the Pooh series. It matched the wall paper perfectly so we thought it would be a good idea to get two cans of it plus two cans of the same color with only 50% of the dye so it would be much lighter. Our idea was to put the wallpaper around the room right in the middle of the wall with the lighter color on top and the darker one on bottom.
When we got home, I (of course) wanted to paint right away. Isaac had other plans (like playing his Xbox or watching a movie).  So when Friday night came I was ready to go. He still came up with a reason not to paint.  Saturday morning I was up bright and early and eager to get started. Of course it had start…

24 Weeks

We are finally 24 weeks pregnant.  This is the point where the baby is no longer considered a miscarriage if she's born!! She'll be an actual premie and will have about a 50% chance of survival.  It will be an even bigger relief when we hit 28 weeks where she'll have an 80% chance of survival.
This week, Grace is perfecting her lungs and packing on the pounds.  She will gain about half a pound this week alone!  Since her inner ear is now fully formed, baby will be able to tell if she's hanging upside down or laying right side up.  Grace is now about the length of an ear of corn.  Due to this, she is no longer able to do somersaults because there just isn't enough room in there.

Also this week, the baby bedding is finally on its way!! It has been almost 7 weeks since I ordered it, and when I emailed the company on Monday, they didn't respond.  My mom had ordered a few things to go with it, and they emailed here Wednesday saying that they had cancelled her order.  …

Valentine's Weekend

Before Valentine's Day, our loft consisted of an out of place desk, an old analog TV, and a black couch. For the past few weeks, Isaac and I had been talking about getting another big screen TV to put up there. We figured that since the nursery was upstairs, it would be pretty beneficial to have a nice living room up there for when the baby comes.
After browsing every store on-line that sells electronics, we realized that President's Day was the same weekend as Valentine's Day. Since most places have huge sales for President's Day, we decided to wait until then. The sales started on Thursday, and during our lunch break we went straight to RC Willey to see what kind of deals they had. We ended up with not only a new TV, but also a new living room furniture set to go with it. Isaac spent the better part of Friday night moving all of this stuff upstairs with a friend.  We moved the desk into one of the bedrooms and made ourselves a pretty awesome office too!  After they we…

This Week...

...we had our ultrasound with the fetal cardiologist. He was this little, old man with an accent (German, maybe?). He kept saying, "Mmm Hmm, this aorta looks very good.  Mmm Hmm, this bridge looks very good." He was soo cute! At the end he said that everything looked great and that she was right on schedule. The average weight at this stage is one pound and little Gracie is weighing in at one pound, one ounce. According to her measurements, she was 22 weeks and 3 days on Monday which is right where we thought we were. The doctor also told me to stop with the Tums and move up to Pepcid. He says there are about 4 steps we can take so if this one doesn't work we can always do more. As usual, Grace kept putting her hands up by her face and hiding from us. Only 7 more weeks until we go to our next 4d ultrasound and get to see exactly what she looks like!
...I got this adorable little outfit for Grace. It's definately my new favorite...go Sooners!!

...we are 23 weeks prego!!…

Happy Birthday Isaac!

Friday, February 5th was Isaac's twenty-fourth birthday. His mom took us to lunch and we really enjoyed getting to see her. Plus, she brought us a big box of yummy cupcakes! Since Isaac didn't really want to go out, we had dinner at my dad's house.  He made Isaac's favorite, beer battered chicken and a delicious cake with strawberry filling.

Saturday we went to his dad's house for home made enchiladas (another favorite of ours).  Jojo really enjoyed having balloons floating around the house for a few days and dragged them around when he could catch them.

For his birthday, I got Isaac a GPS device.  He had been talking about getting one for a few weeks so I decided to surprise him. He has been hiking with Elijah every Sunday and a few weeks ago they came across a geocache. I'll let Wikipedia describe it to you: Geocaching is an outdoor activity in which the participants use a GPS receiver to hide and seek containers anywhere in the world. A typical cache is a small…

This Week...

...we had more rain!  I've really enjoyed the past few weeks of showers.  It's so nice to come home and relax on the couch while listening to it pour down outside. The only problem is that Isabel won't go potty in it.  She just keeps looking back at Isaac and I like she's asking, "why do you guys keep pouring water on me?" It's pretty cute.  Except when she come and goes potty right in front of the sliding glass door since it's dry there.

...we only ate at Memphis BBQ once!
...I read the book Dear John and can't decide if I liked it or not.  I enjoyed reading it and couldn't put it down, but I'm not too sure I really liked the story once I finished it.

...Isabel brought in a huge stick from the backyard to play with.

...and we are 22 weeks pregnant!!  Grace is about a pound now and is approximately 11 inches long.  That's about the length of a spaghetti squash.  She has taste buds now and is practicing using them on the amniotic fluid.  If…

Isabel's Playdate

Dear Pearlita,
Thanks for coming to play with me on Saturday! I had the best time chewing on your ears and paws. I don't really mind sharing my water bowl that much, but remember that my food is off limits. I can't believe my mom took it away when I tried to eat it all really fast before you could have some.

It seemed like it was taking forever for you to come over, so I tried to wait patiently and played with my chicken.

We looked so cool doing our super secret handshake (or pawshake?).

I really like it when we chase each other around the house and back yard. I think our parents do too, because they kept laughing at us!

I couldn't believe how tired I was after all that running.  The next day I couldn't even move! I slept the whole day on the couch with my mom and dad.  I hope we can play again soon!!
Love <3, Izzie B.