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Last Week...

...Monday, we stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings on the way home for dinner. The Women's World Cup was starting, and Grace knew just how to stand during the US national anthem. ...when we got home, she and Charley played in their bedroom. ...after half time, we were all really into the game and cheered the US on to a victory over Colombia. My little American girls were so cute!! ...Tuesday was Grace's official last day of Preschool. She wore the same outfit that she did on her first day, and looked so much older! ...Charley had gymnastics after school and did her first floor routine. ...Grace skipped her gymnastics class, because we had her preschool graduation that evening. It was so sad to see all of her friends that she's literally grown up with at this school getting ready to head to Kindergarten. Luckily, some of them will be staying, and she'll at least get to see them throughout the summer before they move on to