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Official Big Kid Status

Can you believe my little baby Char Bug is already four years old? Three is still kind of a toddler, but FOUR...that's official big kid status. She's still the silliest kid I know and makes me laugh all the time. Isaac and I are always looking at each other like, "did she just say that?". She's the cutest little thing and loves to be a big helper. As I've done with Grace, I started the tradition at Char's third birthday of asking her twenty questions about her favorite things. This year was a lot smoother than last, since she didn't get distracted as easily: (I love when she says she wants to be just like mama <3) At four years old, Char is weighing in at thirty-eight pounds and stands forty-one inches tall. Gracie is her everything, and she wants to do everything her big sister does. Charley is the definition of a Daddy's girl and wants to be right next to him all the time. Charley's teacher spoils her. She gets a

Last Week...

...Grace was so excited when I picked her up from school and couldn't wait to show me what was in her homework folder. When we finally got home she excitedly told me that she was a Bucket Filler at school! A bucket filler is someone that is nice to others and says or does nice things to fill other people's buckets. She was so proud of herself, and we were proud of her, too. ...she also wrote her very first "research paper" all about Caterpillars. I thought it was the cutest thing ever. Especially when Charley started telling us how she made a "calapitter" at school that day, as well. ...the girls slept in their beds as opposed to both of them being on the bottom bunk together. ...Charley worked on the beam at gymnastics on Tuesday. ...Gracie had soccer practice on Wednesday where she worked her tush off. ...Charley always wants to button Isaac's shirts up all the way and helped him out while we waited for ou