Last Week...

...the girls played outside with bubbles when we got home from school.

...Grace decided they needed a snack and brought back some pickles. She has been eating them like crazy lately. Char only likes the inside.

...we put goatees on them both (via Snapchat) and debated over who looked more like Daddy.

(I think Grace wins.)

...Char found her Paw Patrol bubbles, and it was back to bubble blowing.

...we made turkey tacos for dinner on Tuesday. I've been eating taco meat with everything these past few weeks. It's definitely what I've been craving.

...Char had a fever on Wednesday, so she had to come to work with me. Daddy and I took her to Jason's Deli for lunch, where she thoroughly enjoyed their amazing chocolate mousse/pudding.

...Thursday, Daddy left for California to tag plants at some of our nursery vendors. We have some big jobs coming up, and he wanted to make sure we got the best of the best plant material. The girls made sure to Facetime him before bed.

...speaking of bed, I was able to get the girls in their PJs and laying down with me by 6:30 that night. I've been pretty tired these past few days, so an early bed time was much appreciated.

...Char stole Perry's unicorn and wanted me to send Daddy a picture of her.

...Friday, it was Grace's turn for the fever. She was pretty miserable all day at work, but still managed to color me some pictures, including this one of our family.

...the girls never had any other symptoms besides the fever, and they were back to normal on Saturday. I had plans to go to Ashton's baby shower, but we got so much rain that Isaac's flight kept getting delayed and finally cancelled. He ended up driving home late that night from Burbank, so I spent the day shopping and playing in the rain with the girls. I also managed to deep clean the kitchen, both living rooms, and my bedroom that day. Nesting is in full effect around here.

...they talked me into buying them their own mini-sized brooms, "so they could sweep the kitchen after they eat every meal". They actually did a good job of doing so all day, and Charley even had the flashlight out to make sure they didn't miss any crumbs.

...they relaxed on the couch watching their iPads after all that hard work, while it continued to pour outside.

...the girls slept with me again that night since Daddy wasn't home yet. I'm way too big of a chicken to sleep downstairs on my own without any of them.

...we hit the thirty-five week mark! I am feeling pretty good with the exception of some lower back pain that bothers me from time-to-time, mostly at night. I've also got the worst heartburn ever. Baby loves to push on certain sides of my belly rather than kick, so sometimes we push her back and she'll respond with a punch. Her tush is on my right side under my ribs, and her head has been down for weeks. I haven't really gotten any of the discomfort of having her up in my ribs. I think she's lower that the other two were. She gets hiccups on the daily, and it's fun to be able to see them from the outside. The girls love to feel my belly more now that you can easily tell where the baby is. Four(ish) weeks to go!

...we spent Sunday morning at Madi's birthday party, where the girls had a blast playing with their cousins and whacking the pinata. Grace was too afraid to give it a try, but she did manage to score some candy.

(Happy Birthday, Madi!)

...the girls were exhausted afterwards and napped when we got home.

...I had to wake them up to go to Papa and Grammy's for Auntie Geni's birthday dinner.

We had another fun week! See you next time :)

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