Mr. and Mrs. Hall

The Hall Wedding Week finally came upon us after months of counting down. After a fun-filled rehearsal and dinner, us girls made our way to The M Resort to stay the night in the hotel with Allison before the big day. Her dress was hung next to her bed and looked so beautiful. It got us all even more excited for the next day.

After a night of rest, we woke up eager to get ready. Charley and I took turns holding baby Kaitlyn, while Auntie Geni showered. She finally fell asleep, and Char didn't want to stop giving her kisses.

We met up with the other girls in the big room to start the preparations. There were seven of us to get ready, so we started pretty early setting curls and getting our make-up applied.

Grace and Charley had fun watching their ipads and hanging with all of us big girls for the day.

Once we were all ready to go, it was time to start getting dressed.

As Allison put her dress on, everyone got emotional, and Grace and Charley kept hugging her and fluffing her train. They couldn't get over how beautiful their Auntie looked.

Grace even insisted on helping Auntie Andrea close up the back of the dress and fasten the belt.

We headed down to the limo and took our signature elevator picture on the way.

The girls loved riding in the limo. They were a little hesitant at first, but soon they were partying it up.

Meanwhile, the guys took the Tijuana Trolley to the venue and made a pit stop at the Las Vegas sign. Chase loved hanging with the guys and being spoiled with attention all day.

We arrived at the venue, and everything looked so perfect. The wedding was at Legends Ranch off of Las Vegas Blvd, and it was the perfect setting for a ranch style wedding. We got some gorgeous pictures before the bride was hidden away for the guests to start arriving.

I snuck around to get some pre-wedding pictures of everything and was blown away by the beautiful flowers and stunning aisle. They really made it that much more perfect.

We were finally ready to get the show on the road. Chase and Gracie did so well walking down the aisle, while Charley took one look at all the people and turned the other way. Allison couldn't have looked more beautiful, and Alex mouthed "wow" as she headed his way.

The ceremony was short and sweet, and finally, they were Mr. and Mrs. Hall.

After some pictures and cocktails, they came out and had their first dance as Mr. and Mrs.

I had to change out of my dress at this point, because I was so uncomfortable. (Thirty-five weeks pregnant isn't the best time to wear a tight dress and cowboy boots.) I didn't plan on changing beforehand, so luckily I had my bridesmaid shirt and some sandals in the car.

Everyone ate a yummy barbecue dinner and chatted before it was time for the speeches and father/daughter dance, which were equally as beautiful as the rest of the night.

The girls danced with their Daddy, too.

When it was time to cut the cake, I was nervous for Allison. She and Alex are such funny people, that I just knew this wasn't going to go smoothly.

They got each other pretty good.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the night. Allison still looks gorgeous with cake all over her face!

Once they got all cleaned up, it was time for the single girls and guys to catch the flowers and garter.

The rest of the night was spent dancing away. Everyone had such a great time celebrating the newlyweds.

This was one of the most beautiful weddings I've been to. Everything was flawless, and they did such a great job finding just the right details to make everything perfect.

We couldn't be happier for Alex and Allison. They are perfect for each other, and we always have the best time with them, even if we aren't doing anything at all. They love and care for each other so much, so I know that they are meant to be together for eternity. Now we're all just waiting for more baby cousins to join the family :)

We love you guys! Congratulations, and here's to many years of happiness and love <3

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