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Houston, We (I) Have a Problem!

A serious one, too! I thought when I was pregnant that I was terrible about spending money on baby stuff. It's so much worse now!!
I can't help but stop in every single store to get her something.
Just this week Grace got this shirt and this hat.
These jammies (they glow in the dark!):

Plus, we stopped at the mall to go Halloween shopping last night, and I fell in love with this hat:

And right this second I'm ordering this dress. Imagine it with a long sleeve pink shirt underneath and some cute pink tights! It's going to be adorable this winter :)
SOMEBODY STOP ME!! Seriously though, my husband is going to kill me!

This Week...

...Gracie played in the car on the way to Johnny Macs for dinner.

...after we watched Elisha's tennis match and Elijah's football game, Grace played on the counter with daddy and teddy in this adorable little outfit. I think it makes her look like a little old lady!

...she enjoyed her bath in the sink. She's starting to get too big for it, so we may have to move up to the baby bath tub soon. Little chunker :) mom/babysitter went out of town on Thursday so my boss/stepdad let me take Friday off of work. It was so nice to be able to wake up and spend the whole day with Grace cuddling in bed.
She giggled,
and chewed on her hands.
...we had some friends over for dinner and Grace decided to start talking! You can't tell what she's saying just yet, but she sure does love to listen to herself gurgle!

...Saturday we went to tailgate at the UNLV vs. New Mexico football game.  Grace got all dressed up in her Rebel Red.

When we got to the field, Grace walked around for …

We Ate McDonalds?

This past Saturday, Isaac and I went out for the first time since we had Grace. We've left her before, but not to go out drinking with our friends.
We decided to go to the Mike Posner concert with Kelli and Eddie because one of our favorite new groups, Far East Movement, was performing.
We started the nights off with shots of Patron.
It was still early after we went in to pick up our tickets from will call... we went back to the car for more shots.
Far East Movement performed.
Kelli and I kind of enjoyed it had A BLAST dancing to G6!
Mike Posner came on.
We had some more fun dancing.
The four of us :)

After the concert, we met up with Matt and Frannie at Eye Candy (a bar inside Mandalay Bay) to dance some more. They weren't playing very good music though, so we left and planned on meeting them somewhere else.
I honestly don't remember this part. We ate McDonalds?

Apparently, we never made it wherever we were supposed to be meeting them, because after this we went home.
We had s…

This Week...

...Grace got to watch her first Monday night football game ever!!

She was very excited before the game, but fell asleep on the couch just after it started.

...she hung out in her Bumbo while waiting for daddy to get home from work,

and sucked on some licorice at grandma's.

...she started to cuddle with me A LOT! Whenever she gets sleepy or I can tell that she needs a nap, we crawl into bed and snuggle until she falls asleep. If she's only napping, I let her stay there while I catch up on housework, but if she's going to bed for the night I make sure that I always move her to her own bed after she falls asleep.

...we went Halloween shopping, and Gracie tried on a monster costume.

See you next week :)

Three Months Ago...

little Gracie arrived and changed our lives forever! I can't believe she is already getting so big.

Some of her big milestones this month: She learned to scoot around the kitchen in a walker. She weighs about 15 pounds! She has learned to use her hands and has to hold onto everything she can. She's got a tight little grip, too. She found her tongue and sucks or chews on it when she's not busy eating her hands. She has been drooling EVERYWHERE!! Seriously...her shirts are constantly soaking wet, so I try to keep a bib on her as much as possible. She can almost sit up on her own with very little help. She can stand up and hold her own weight if someone is helping her balance. She has fallen in love with the tv (this could be a bad thing). She smiles constantly. Especially when you talk to her. She's started to coo and gurgle when you're talking to her. She can pretty much roll over from her back to her tummy with just a teeny nudge. Grace has had a busy month. She still isn't…

This Week...

...we went over to my Dad's for some hamburgers and Grace got a present from grandpa. He kept my old walker all of these years, and now he gave it to her! She loves sitting in it and has learned how to scoot backwards around the kitchen.

...Grace and I got all caught up on Vampire Diaries (one of our favorite shows). She really enjoyed watching tv in bed with me and ever since then, we've been cuddling and taking naps together when I get home from work.

...we went out to Grandma Whiting's for dinner. She took us to Mimi's Cafe where Grace got her first taste of syrup from daddy.

...Grace had a fun Saturday morning hanging out in bed with mom and dad giggling and flying through the air.

...we took Grace shopping at the mall where she got this adorable hat and these sweet little booties.  I just think they'll look so cute with jeans and a white long sleeve t-shirt this fall. season started, and as you can see, Grace couldn't be more excited! I promise you …

The Greatest Year Ever

Sunday, Isaac and I got to celebrate our one year anniversary!
We accomplished quite a bit this past year...
We got married:

Went to Cancun:

Graduated from UNLV:

and had a beautiful baby girl:

It's hard to believe that it's actually been a year, but then again, it kind of feels like forever ago with the whole pregnancy and baby thing we've had going on. I can honestly say this has been THE BEST year of my entire life. I'm happier than ever, and every day is such a blast and a new adventure with the greatest man in the world right by my side to enjoy it with. Plus, we've got this new addition to our family to share together, and we both think that she is just the cutest thing we've ever seen.
I can't wait to see what amazing memories this next year has in store for us :)

Gracie Taylor

I finally got around to putting together the video of Grace's arrival. This makes me want to bawl my eyes out. We truly are the luckiest people in the world to be blessed with such a sweet, innocent, beautiful, cuddly, lovable baby girl, AND have the greatest family and friends out there. Thanks to everyone who came to visit us in the hospital and especially to those of you that helped us out with everything at home. We love you all so much and are so grateful to have you in our lives.

Labor Day Weekend!

For Labor Day weekend, my Uncle Brian, Aunt Kim and cousins Brittany and Marissa came to visit. They live in Reno so we don't get to see them very often, but they are some of our favorite people! We all went to the lake to stay on the houseboat. It was such a fun weekend riding jet skis, tubing, and eating A LOT. We were really sad when they had to go home, but hopefully we'll get to see them again soon.
Here is Grace sleeping while Marisa held her for the first time:

Isaac & Grace had fun playing with the cousins, and Marisa passed out stickers to everyone:

Grace took a nap before we headed to the lake. She learned how to roll onto her side, so that's how she likes to sleep now:

She scratched herself for the first time last week too. I didn't see her do it, but she went to bed without it and woke up in the morning with this little mark by her left eye:

Grace found her tongue. She likes to play with it:

Grace also likes to blow bubbles and has been drooling a ton:

We are …