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Ultrasound #3

Monday was my last ultrasound with the doctor. He said that everything about Grace looks perfect so I have no need to go back!! Her kidneys are now normal (she grew into them like he said she would), he heart looks great, and according to her measurements, she is a whole week ahead of schedule. I'm hoping that this means she will be born a week early...hopefully on June 5th! Also, Grace is supposed to be about 2.5 pounds so far, but she's weighing in at 3 pounds, 5 ounces. She is already head down, but the doctor said whether or not she stays that way is completely up to her.
Here is a profile shot of her. I think she's got Isaac nose because mine is a little more pointy and his is more rounded.
In this one, you can definitely see that she's got my cheeks and chin!
We have a 4d ultrasound this Friday, so we should clearly be able to see exactly what (and who) she looks like. I'll post the pictures as soon as I can :)

O'Callahan Park

We have been trying to take Isabel to the park for the past couple of weekends, but it always ends up being windy or too cold out. Finally we had a beautiful, warm Sunday. Our friends Kelli and Eddie wanted to take their dog too, so we decided to go together. O'Callahan Park is the one that I always played at as a kid, so I really wanted to go there. We stopped for a Slurpee, grabbed some tie-outs, and we were on our way.
When we first got there it was fairly quiet, but as the day wore on, it got busier and busier. Izzie isn't too fond of strangers so every time someone would walk near our spot in the grass she'd bark like crazy until they left. She didn't really know what to do at first, because she's only ever been in our house or on her leash for a walk around the neighborhood. She got more used to it though and really enjoyed it!
Isabel running through the park.
Pearl fetching her ball.
The boys throwing balls for the dogs.
Kelli and me relaxing in the sun.
Since we …

This Week...

...we are 29 weeks prego! Grace should weigh around 2.5 pounds, and from here on out I should be gaining weight like crazy...oy.
...we had a doctor's appointment and found out that my glucose levels are normal (thank gestational diabetes for me), but my iron levels were a little low. I started iron supplements so hopefully that takes care of it. I've been dealing with Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) since wayyy before I was pregnant, but it wasn't ever that bad. For those of you who have never heard of this, it's a new thing that just started getting diagnosed around 2003. It's not painful at all, but when you sit still for a long time (like during a movie) your legs get this weird feeling in them. It's like if you don't move them, they'll start to cramp up or something so you just move them and then it goes away for a minute or two. Then the feeling comes back. I usually just sit on the ground and stretch my legs out and then it will go away. It ge…

Spoiled Rotten!

Every Wednesday, we go out to dinner with my mom's family. This week was better than usual because we went to Chevy's AND my sister Andrea was in town!
Since we were at the mall, we decided to go check out what new stuff they had at Baby Gap. My mom had never been in there before so she went a little crazy and bought Grace tons of new outfits! But first, we passed Kid's Footlocker so she had to stop in there for a bit...

Grace ended up with possibly the cutest shoes to ever be made! And yes, they light up when you walk. They didn't have them in infant sizes so she'll probably be about 12-18 months when she wears them which is just perfect because she should be walking by then!!
When we finally made it to Gap we got about 10 new outfits! I'll just post some of my favorites...
Cute little spring dress (for next year)
Jumper...we got a cute ruffled little white top to go underneath 
Turtle Jammies
All of this cute little girly stuff just makes me want her here that much …

This Week...

...we watched the Rebels lose to the Panthers, only to watch UNI beat Kansas in their next game! It was sad but exciting all at the same time. We will definitely be rooting for them over Michigan State on Friday. This guy, Ali Farokhmanesh, is pretty amazing. He made two crazy three pointers to secure the wins over both UNLV and Kansas. It's weird how you can go from really disliking someone one day (because they ruined the Rebels' season) to loving them the next (because they beat the #1 seed in the tournament, which makes UNLV look at least a little better)! sno-cone machine came! It was a day late, but Grace and I have been enjoyring sno-cones all week :)

...we ate at Memphis BBQ for St. Patty's Day.
...we enjoyed the first day of spring with a barbecue at my mom's house. My sister, Andrea, came in town from Ohio so we also enjoyed spending time with her. We had steak, corn on the cob, pasta, salad, and shrimp that they brought back from their Mexico trip. It was…

The Big Dance

After watching the Rebs lose in the MWC Championship game, we were really disappointed, but when the brackets were announced and we saw that UNLV was an 8 seed, we got all excited again.  Isaac and I already have our brackets filled out and are ready for March Madness to officially begin. Because of college basketball, this is always my favorite time of year (plus, it's supposed to get up to 80 degrees this weekend which I can't wait for)! Every year when the Rebels make the NCAA Tournament, a local radio station has parties at Buffalo Wild Wings during their games. Isaac and I have always taken those days off work so we could go too. The first game this year is Thursday at 4 which is perfect because that's right after we get off work. We are planning on heading straight there and watching the Rebs kick some butt!

Isaac, Grace, and I are all ready to watch UNLV dance! Go Rebs!!

This Week...

...I was realllly craving snow cones.  There used to be a sno-cone stand near our house that had THE BEST sno-cones ever. We would go every weekend and sometimes during the week with all of our high school friends. We became friends with the old man that ran the stand, and were sad to see him move away a couple of years ago. Since I was craving one so bad, I got online and bought a sno-cone machine!! It should be here Wednesday and I promise I will be making sno-cones every single day when I get home from work!

...I felt amazing! (Except that I feel like I'm super fat! Screw it, right? I'm prego, and I should embrace my weight along with my multiple chins and humongous thighs. At least that's what I've been telling myself. There's always working out and eating healthy after the baby comes.) For the past week or two, I had been having trouble sleeping. My lower back was achey and when I laid on my side for too long, my hip flexor would really start to hurt. This is …

27 weeks

This week, Grace can finally open and close her eyes!! Her brain neurons are firing rapidly now which means she is able to start understanding things. She weighs as much as a head of cauliflower and is about fourteen and a half inches long.

Next Saturday (March 20th) we have our prepared childbirth class. I'm pretty excited to learn all about the labor and delivery process and terrified at the same time. It will last all day so we should learn a ton! We also have a doctors appointment the following Monday and an Infant CPR class that Thursday. The next few weeks will be packed full of baby stuff!!

My Birthday!

Friday was my 24th birthday. Yes, that's exactly one month after Isaac's. We were both born on the 5th which is why we decided to get married on September 5th. We are also hoping that Grace comes a few days early on June 5th. We'll see.
Anyways, I've been talking about getting some Reebok Easytone shoes. I even made Isaac take me to try them on to see how I liked them. Even though I really wanted them, I didn't buy them because I thought we could use the money for something else (like more baby clothes). Isaac surprised me with them for my birthday :)

I'm excited to start wearing them for my walks with mom and Izzie.
Since my mom was going to be out of town, she took us to Memphis Barbeque for dinner on Wednesday night. Then when I got back to work after lunch on Friday, I had some gorgeous flowers waiting for me from her.

About an hour later, I got a bouquet of cookies delivered from Gracie!

That night, Lisa, Craig, and Zacarias came over for dinner. I made a huge …

The Third Trimester!!

We are now 26 weeks preggers! I can't believe in less than 14 weeks, Grace will be here with us.
This week, she is about as tall as an English Cucumber and weighs almost 2 pounds.

Also this week, Grace's air sacks are nearly fully developed. In fact, she might be able to take a breath at the end of this week if she were out here with us. Her eyes will be fully developed at the end of this week as well although they will still be sealed shut for a bit. She's moving a little more each day. I've started to have back and hip pain. It's pretty uncomfortable trying to fall asleep, but Isaac has been helping out with nightly massages to ease the pain. I just keep telling myself we're almost there!
14 more weeks :)