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Our Last Baby is ONE!!

We made it! Our last baby is one year old. I remember being in the hospital when he was born like it was yesterday. I can close my eyes and be right back in that hospital bed, fighting to keep my eyes open and taking two hour intervals with Isaac. We'd switch off between napping and holding the baby. It felt so good to come home and have our family together. The girls were all enamored with him, and nothing has changed.  This year has gone insanely fast. When we found out we were having a boy after three girls, I was pretty terrified. I had no idea what to expect or how to even dress a boy. I always thought having girls was so fun, because you got to buy them cute clothes and accessories, but having a boy would be so boring in that department. I've found my way, and now I love picking out cute little outfits for him, and don't worry, I've spent just as much on his wardrobe as I always did on the girls! Everyone always asks if having a boy is diffe