Last Week...

Picture of the Week: All the Birthday Celebrations

Perry had a rough Monday morning. I got her out of bed and laid her on the floor to change her clothes, and she was not having it.

Charley had 'H'at Day at school.

She also turned six years old, and she's looking so big and beautiful these days.

We celebrated her birthday last week, but she continued to get cards in the mail, and girlfriend was raking in the money.

Perry and I continued to watch the Knights games from bed, since that was obviously helping them to victory (their losses so far all happened when we were not in bed)

She was so tired as we got close to the end of the game and just wanted to go to sleep.

She finally passed out all snuggled up with Chance.

The Knights were victorious! I always love to find the best memes from game day and post them. These were my favorites from today.

Charley had her field trip to the library, so I took the day off of work. It was raining, and Perry loved playing in it before …