The Smiliest Guy {Seven Months Old}

Our little smiley guy is seven months old today. We're on the downhill slope to his first birthday, and I'm not sure I'm ready for it.

I'm not going to lie. I couldn't wait for him to get to this age. Isaac was so paranoid about every sound and movement the baby made after his first boy was born, that he had me paranoid, too. First, we were worried that he wasn't making eye contact. Then he wasn't smiling. Then he didn't laugh out loud. I remember thinking when he was teeny tiny that I couldn't wait for him to be bigger, so I knew that he was OK. Well, guess what? He's just fine and does all of those things plus more. He also tries to talk to us in long sing-song noises, but he hasn't made any distinct mama or dada sounds just yet. 

This big boy can sit up on his own now, which is so fun. He loves to sit on the floor and play with his toys, and he lights up when you call him "big boy". When he's on his belly on the floor, he s…

Our Favorite Thing {Six Months Old}

We're halfway through Brother's first year, and I'm not sure how we got here. Maybe it's because I'm mostly a mombie (that's a zombie mixed with a mom that's getting minimal sleep for those that don't know) lately, but I feel like we were just gearing up to head to the hospital to welcome a baby boy to the family. I blinked, and he's six months old. Like, what?

He's the best. Seriously. He just looks at anyone he meets and gives them the biggest grin. All of the guys at work come in to my office and talk to him and then die when he smiles at them. They say, "I can't believe he smiles at me every time! He must like me!", but he really does that with everyone. He's just the sweetest.
He's laughing a little bit more here and there, but we're still waiting on that big belly laugh. Right now it's just little giggles and super loud squeals. He's rolling back and forth with ease and will roll across the room when Mom …

Savor Every Moment {Five Months Old}

I'm not quite sure how it happened, but Brother is already five months old.
He loves to smile and squeal and babble and chew on his toes.

I say it every month, but he really is the happiest little guy. He gives everybody the biggest grin whenever he makes eye contact, and it melts everyone to pieces. He's always smiling at Mom, Dad, and Sisters and then turning away and burying his head in his blanket. I read somewhere that babies do this because they are so overcome with emotion that they just can't take it and have to look away. It's the sweetest thing ever, and he's smothered in kisses after every grin.
At five months old, Baby Isaac (yes, we've finally started calling him that on occasion) is going by Bro Bro for the most part. He's sometimes called Brother, Brother Bear, Bubba, Boog, Boo Boo - all the 'B' names. 

He is currently weighing in at sixteen pounds, which puts him in the race for the biggest baby. Grace still takes the cake with eigh…

Last Week...

Picture of the Week: The Original, The Remix, The Encore, Mic Drop.

Brother chewed on highlighters at the office on Monday.

Perry and Acelyn had their second dance class and may have loved it even more than the first time. Perry was waiting for class to start and told me, "Ohhh, it's going to be so hard, and I'm going to do so good!".

Charley hung out with Brother, and they watched Perr dance through the glass.

She curtsied and blew a kiss at the end.

The girls played outside when we got home, and Perry kept asking me to take her picture in her pretty dress. I think she was made for this dance thing.

Brother was a good boy at soccer practice.

He was also good at the office on Tuesday, hanging out in his rocker and giving me smiles before dozing off.

After his nap, he watched Zootopia and played some more.