The Littlest (and last) Espejo

When we were younger, Isaac always said he wanted six kids. I always said I saw myself with three girls (weird, right?). After we had Grace and Charley, we settled on the idea of having four. We talked about waiting a few years after Charley was born and then having two more, so the first two would be close and the second two would be close.
Fast forward a few years and along came Perry. We had to work for her, though. We tried for fourteen months and then had a miscarriage before getting pregnant with that little sassy pants. Since we wanted our fourth baby to be close in age to her, we started trying a few months before she turned two. We got pregnant in March only to have another miscarriage. I was pretty numb for a couple of months until it finally hit me one day. We had stopped trying and just had the feeling of "it'll happen if it's meant to". 
In August, we started the keto diet, and I read that it can throw your cycle off the first couple of months. I had lo…

Last Week...

Picture of the Week: Partying at the Princess Ball

We started off Monday a little sluggish. As usual, Perry did not want to wake up for school.

I made a buttery garlic shrimp over zucchini noodles, and unfortunately, the shrimp was super fishy and ruined the whole thing. We ended up tossing it and eating leftovers.

Grace's class had a pizza party at school for doing so well in their fundraiser the week before.

I kept forgetting what I was doing as I was doing it, and this seemed appropriate.

I watched Thursday night football with Perry and yelled at a receiver that get dropping balls. Then Perry kept saying this.

The girls both had soccer games on Saturday, and of course they were spread out, so we spent most of the day at the fields.

Grace played on my phone during Charley's game.

Char and Perry said "cheers" with their pizza at dinner time.

Sunday, we went to the Las Vegas Princess Ball with Frannie and Geni. The girls had the best time dancing with the princesses…

Last Week...

Picture of the Week: Camping in Pine Valley

Perry spent the day with Grandma Sunshine, Papa Craig, and Paxton on Monday. They played at the park and checked out some horses. Perry had so much fun and now keeps telling me that she is going to Grandma's instead of school.

Grace and Char's school had a fundraiser, and Charley's class did so well that they got to have a popsicle party on Tuesday.

She had soccer practice, and Perry thought the practice was for her. She loves to play soccer with her big sisters.

The girls had superhero day, and Charley wore her Wonder Woman shirt.

We headed up to Pine Valley to go camping on Friday after work. It's easily my favorite place to camp as my dad always took me there as a kid. I have so many fun memories of skipping rocks, fishing in the creek, listening to raccoons ravage through our groceries, and making scones around the campfire. I want my girls to have the same memories, and it's also nice to get them away from their iPa…