Last Week...

Picture of the Week: Hocus Pocus

Monday greeted us with a beautiful sunrise as we left the house.

Grace's class learned all about product development when her class made mazes and cars out of candy. They had other groups in their class test them and let them know if they were too easy or too hard. Then they had to change and retest them with another group. She loved this and couldn't wait to tell me all about it after school.

Perry snacked on cinnamon twists while we waited for Grace and Charley after school. I tried getting her to say "Ava", but she wasn't interested.

She brought home a pumpkin that she painted in class that day.

We met the Keltons and all of the family at HallOVeen at Opportunity Village that night. The girls loved the decorations, and we had fun checking out some rides while we waited for everyone else to arrive.

Don't mind Perry, she HATED the carousel.