Last Week...

Picture of the Week: Easter's on it's Way

Monday after bath time, we hung out on the couch and read books, while Grace and Char did homework. Perry read a book about colors and thought every baby was "baby Ava".

Tuesday, we waited in the car for Grace and Char to get back from school, and Perry had a blast eating jelly beans and playing with the girls' Shopkins.

We went to soccer practice, and it was sunny and 75. Then, some random clouds rolled in and cooled it down real quick.

Char still wanted to ride her bike after practice, though.

Gracie practiced her cheers some more, and Perry practically knows them all. It was so cute to watch her doing each one with her big sis.

Perry fell asleep snuggled on my chest, and I let her stay there for a couple of hours. 

Gracie was supposed to have her cheer performance before school on Thursday, so I took the morning off of work to go. Of course it randomly started raining right before school started, and they had to cance…