Baby Brother {One Month Old}

This past month has been the quickest of my life.
My little boy is already a month old! I'm not even sure that's possible. I feel like we just left the hospital yesterday.

He's been the best baby we could ask for. He hardly ever cries. When he's awake, he just hangs out looking around, although he is still sleeping most of the time.
This little guy is starting to get big already. I weighed him at home on his one month birthday, and he was eight pounds, nine ounces. At the doctor a few days later, he was nine pounds, four ounces. This kid is bulking up like a champ. His cheeks are my favorite. He's also grown to twenty-one and a half inches long. This puts him in the fiftieth percentile for height and twenty-fifth for weight. That's pretty good for being born three weeks early! He's already bigger than Charley was at this age and is quickly catching up to where Grace was at.

Baby Brother is what he currently goes by. It still feels weird to call him Isaac. …

Last Week...

Picture of the Week: Galaxy Girls Make it to the Championship Game (Go, Char!)

Baby brother started to stay awake for a few minutes at a time, and we had fun talking to him and watching his reactions.

He also continued to nap A LOT.

I could seriously watch him all day. He's so sweet!

Perry loves him so much, and wants to be next to him constantly.

She stayed home with me on Monday and took a nice, long nap.

Brother smiled in his sleep.

We waited for the girls to get out of school and turned ourselves into men on Snapchat.

I snuggled baby brother at bed time.

Grace and Charley came running downstairs so excited to show me these face masks that they found from Christmas. They had me cracking up and thought they were so cool.

Perry took Charley's when she was finished with it.