Last Week...

Picture of the Week: Fun at Cadence Park

Perry has been crazy about zipping her own zippers lately. I decided to let her wear this vest on Monday, and it was a hit, because girlfriend was all "I zip it" all morning, while we got ready to leave.

Charley brought home this camera that she made at school and took pictures of everyone all night long. Unfortunately, it doesn't save them, so I'm not able to share them with you.

We made Giant Turkey Meatball Parmesan for dinner that night, and the girls loved it.

We followed it up with Waffle Luv for dessert, because "balance".

The girls' custom Golden Knights bows came in, and they turned out SO cute!!

We caught a beautiful sunrise on our way to school the next morning.

Perry ate cereal in the car, while we waited for Grace and Charley to get back from school.

The girls had gymnastics that afternoon, and Perry loved watching them. Charley worked on her front hand springs, and finally made it over after a few …