Squishes and Kisses {3 Months}

Baby Brother is three months old! That's one quarter of his first year already.

He's really a happy baby. He's always kicking his little legs and is smiling more and more every day. He only cries if he's hungry, and you've ignored the previous five minutes of him grunting and yelling "meh!". I like to think he's really trying to yell "ma!".
He still goes by Brother, but we've also been calling him Bro Bro, Brother Bear, Buddy, and Brudder.

Whenever Perry comes close, she tells us to say, "sister is here". She'll get upset if you say, "There's Perr Perr", and quickly reminds us, "No! Say 'there's sister!'"
Brother is weighing in at thirteen pounds and is twenty-four and a half inches long. He's really getting chubby and has lots of rolls all over. For those keeping record, Grace was fifteen, Char was eleven and a half, and Perry was twelve pounds.  
He's currently in size two diap…

Last Week...

Picture of the Week: Sunday Funday at the Pool

Brother was a happy little guy after his morning nap on Monday.

He napped at work Tuesday morning in my favorite of all of his swaddle blankets.

After work, he said, "whatchu lookin' at?". He said it without words, though, because he can't talk yet.

Chase went to Kid Zone with the girls this week, and they were so excited to have him there.

Perry played Mommy and took pictures of baby brother doing tummy time.

She talked Daddy into filling up some water balloons after dinner.

She made the cutest little campfire handprint at school this week. I just love her teacher and all of the cute crafts she's been bringing home lately.

She also made a caterpillar and named him Couch - because Couch starts with a 'c'.

Brother hung out in his rock 'n play at the office.

I cooked dinner, and my bell pepper had babies in its belly.

Brother hung out in his Bumbo, while I fried up some peppers and onions for chicken fajit…