Baby Guy {Two Months Old}

Baby Brother is two months old. The months are already flying by so fast that I can't keep up!

He still loves to sleep the day (and night!) away, but he's definitely awake more now. We all love talking to him and trying to get him to smile at us. So far, he's only smiled at Charley and Mommy, but Daddy got his first one this morning. It definitely takes some work, because he's not smiling all the time just yet.
This past week, he's really gotten control of his eyes and can focus them better. Daddy kept calling him crazy eyes, because his right eye wouldn't always focus with his left one. His cheeks have also grown this month and are pretty big now. He's got some rolls coming in on his arms and legs, too!

Baby doesn't have his two month check up until next week, so we took some measurements ourselves. He's currently at eleven pounds and six ounces. That's more than Perry and Charley were, but just by a hair. He's still a pound off of Grace&#…

Sushi and Cell Phones {Grace is 9!}

Grace Face is nine. That's halfway to eighteen, and this one is hitting us hard. 

Isaac was just saying that we only have her for 9 more years. That's only 468 more weeks. If we teach her one thing a week, that's only 468 life lessons and influences we can give her to help her navigate the rest of her life.
This girl has the kindest, most loving heart ninety-nine percent of the time. The other one percent is all about having little sisters, and girl, I can relate.
As Grace has grown up, she's taught me a helluva lot more than I've taught her. I've had to learn patience (still working on this one) and how to provide answers to the oddest of questions. I like to have things lined out constantly - what we're doing today, this weekend, next week. Being a mom has made me let go of sticking to that schedule even if just a little bit. I have to be OK with us missing a planned activity or event and keep it moving. One of the greatest qualities I want my kids to ha…

Last Week...

Picture of the Week: Pool Days

Baby slept at work on Monday.

Since Grace spent the night at Peyton's house on Sunday, she hung out there on Monday and had fun swimming.

Brother napped some more at home, while the girls helped me make dinner.

He makes the best faces when he sleeps. This kid is always dreaming.

We played outside, and Perry sat herself right in between Nick and Shelly.

Tuesday was more of the same with an outfit change after baby spit up on his clothes and blanky.

Perry loves to come home and strip down to her undies. She's never wearing clothes when we're at home.

Brother slept so peacefully in his basket and even gave us a few smiles.

Toodles jumped on the chair next to Brother, and Perry yelled at him, "don't eat my baby!", which had me cracking up.

Then she wanted to hold him to protect him from the cat.

Brother slept in the Solly wrap, while sisters played outside with their friends.