So Many Cousins {Happy Easter}

Easter Sunday was a big event, as usual. The girls woke up with gifts from the Easter bunny, including Golden Knight shields and swords, LOL Dolls, and cute new swim suits.

Of course we had to open the toys right away and see which LOL Dolls the bunny brought.

Perry liked her chocolate bunny the best.

After we all got ready to head out of the house for the day, the girls spotted some eggs in the back yard. We had a quick egg hunt before we had to leave.

Last Week...

Picture of the Week: Playing in the Back Yard while Daddy Does Yard Work

Isaac started doing some work in the back yard, and the first step was to get rid of all the rock and most of the plants back there. The girls were such good helpers and even helped him shovel the rock into the wheelbarrow.

Perry snacked on watermelon and put flowers into water bottles. I told her to stop wasting the water, and she said "it's fine! It's pretty."

Allison and I ordered snow cones at work since it was Purple Penguin's 10th anniversary and they were giving out special cups.

Perry's class played with a parachute, and it brought back lots of memories from my childhood.

The girls had hula hoop contests outside with the Sebastian boys.

Perry had to get in on the action as she drove her car.

Our roses started blooming, which had our side yard smelling so good.

Perry helped Daddy do some more work in the backyard before she literally stopped to smell the roses.

She came downstair…