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Picture of the Week: Gracie's Field Trip

Grace's class had a field trip to the Wetlands this week. She had fun exploring with her friends, and her teacher sent me the cutest pictures.

Perry looked so peaceful sleeping before I had to wake her up for school.

Since we got our new car, Perry gets to sit in a captain's seat next to the window. She used to be in the middle in between sisters, so she is loving her newfound freedom. She loves to "blow down" her window every day on the way home from school. 

She snacked on Cheetos after an early bath time on Wednesday.

Char brought home this pretty picture from art class, and we hung it up on the fridge.

Gracie took this picture of Perry snuggling on her lap at day care on Thursday. She loves her big sisters so much.

This one also popped up on my phone.

Perry and I stopped by the store after school for groceries.

She snacked on a fruit roll up while we waited for sisters to get home. Typically, I pick her up after work,…

Last Week...

Picture of the Week(s): Make-Up with Mommy

Perry snacked on a popsicle after school on Monday.

Grace and Char painted her nails, and she was so happy about it.

Gracie got to have lunch with her teacher Friday for finishing a special homework assignment online.

Isaac went to Sherwin Williams to buy some paint to touch up the walls in our house. Perry is his "road dog" and goes with him everywhere. If he wakes up and goes to Starbucks without her, she gets so upset. Any time he is running to the store, or his dad's, or literally anywhere, she's the first to say she wants to go with him. He took her to the paint store, and she passed out on the way since it was nap time.

While Daddy painted the walls and baseboards, Perry and I hung out watching movies with our bellies.

He let her help until she started painting herself white.

Since the girls didn't have school Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, they stayed with Grandma Sunshine. She took them to the salon, and…