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Picture of the Week: Hi, Baby Boy!

Isaac took the girls to Grace's practice Monday night, so I ate ice cream in bed while watching The Real Housewives.

At practice, Char and Perry kicked the ball all over the field.

Gracie worked on her goal kicks.

Tuesday was Charley's turn for practice, and Grace and Perry kicked their balls around before taking a break. Perry loves to do everything her big sisters do, so she sat on her ball after watching Grace sit on hers.

Charley fell at school Monday, and I finally got a good picture of her face. I asked her if her hands were tied behind her back or why didn't she use them to catch herself. She said, "well, I didn't want to hurt my hands". This girl is something else.

Perry kept telling me that she was going to be bigger soon and go to Grace and Charley's school.

Char had her field trip to the Smith Center, but she wasn't impressed and thought the orchestra show was too long.

We had a pretty sunrise before work…

Last Week...

Picture of the Week: Snow Day

Perry was tired Monday and was not excited to wake up for school. Then I told her she was going to Grammy's for the day, and she was all about it.

While it seemed like it snowed everywhere else in the valley, we were left out. We did have some pretty snow covered mountains surrounding our house, though.

The view on my way to work with the sunrise was gorgeous.

That evening, Perry fell asleep early while watching her iPad, and she kept whimpering if I tried to take it, without even opening her eyes.

I finally got it away from her, and she slept through the night.

Wednesday night, we finally got some snow at our house. It was late, but this is a rare occasion for us, so I let the girls go out and play in it for a few minutes.

The next morning, the girls were bummed to discover that they weren't getting a snow day. We had some pretty snow capped trees and all the roofs in our neighborhood were covered, which made for a fun drive to school.

It contin…