Last Week...

Picture of the Week: The girls are SO excited for the first Knights game sitting right behind Fleury!

This week was Nevada Reading Week, so the girls did all kinds of special things at school. Monday, they searched for worms in whipped cream with no hands.

Perry was being so silly in the bath, and kept making these funny faces when I would tell her to say "cheese".

We were singing songs before bed, and Five Little Monkies is a clear favorite right now.

Allison and I ordered doughnuts for the office staff. We got them from Fractured Prune, since they delivered via Postmates. These doughnuts were the greatest I have ever had. They were delivered warm, and they were crunchy on the outside. Just perfect.

Tuesday, Charley's class read The Three Little Tamales, and the Kinder teachers got all dressed up. They are so cute and the funnest bunch of teachers for the little ones.

The kids also dressed like their favorite book character. Charley was creative and wore a shirt that s…