Her Name is Charley {and she's SIX today!}

My Char Char is six years old today. I can't hardly believe it.
She has grown into such a beautiful soul. This girl loves hard and fights harder. She doesn't give in when she wants something and always stands up for what is right.
Charley loves animals (stuffed or real) and anything and everything to do with soccer.
She's so fun to watch on the field. This girl is a ball hawk and loves to get in there to make sure the ball is always heading towards the right goal.
Chawyee is the silliest kid and loves being goofy. You'll constantly catch her singing along to any song that comes on the radio, and she can't help but dance to the beat.
Char always wants to dress herself, and her style is bar none. Her shirts never match her pants, but it doesn't matter as long as they're cute on their own. She loves the color mint and you can almost always catch her wearing it in some form or another.
At six years old, Char is forty-six pounds and forty-five inches tall. She&…

Last Week...

The few days before we left for Disney World were pretty crazy. Grace started complaining that her head was itchy. Having lice myself a couple of times as a kid, I knew that was an option. I didn't see anything when I looked, but I called Lice Happens just to be safe. This sweet lady came over and combed through all of our hair. As it turns out, Grace and Charley both had it, and Perry and I both did not. This service got rid of everything in the girls' hair, and lucky for us, we were leaving the next morning for Orlando. Apparently, they can only live off of your scalp for up to 48 hours, so our house would be clear of them when we got home. We washed all of the bedding and blankets to be safe, and I remained paranoid every time someone touched their head for weeks. The lady from Lice Happens told me that she had done the heads of at least three other families from the girls' school the previous week. I immediately told the school, because I wanted to make sure it was go…

Our Final Day in Disney World {Epcot}

Our final day in Disney World was spent at Epcot. 

Isaac and I were really excited to check it out, because it was totally new to us. We took a monorail from our hotel and got there as soon as it opened. Our first ride was Spaceship Earth where we learned about the history of communication and the first computers. We were able to select options for our future like: Would you prefer the beach or the city? Are you more interested in family or work? Then the ride created a video of us in our future world, which was pretty awesome.

We walked over to Future World West and went on Living with the Land. This ride was awesome as they showed us all of the research Disney is doing to find different growing techniques and helping to find ways to sustain our growing population. We rode on a boat through a huge greenhouse where they had all kinds of plants in tons of different growing stations. They use all of the food grown here to serve guests in their resorts and restaurants. (Perry was not a …