Last Week...

Picture of the Week: Happy Mother's Day!

Charley finally got to hold the baby chicks at school, and she couldn't stop talking about them for the rest of the day.

The Sharks tweeted that they scored as many goals in one game as the Kings did in their entire series with us. The Kings clapped back with the best response: "and then what happened?". Of course we all know what happened, the Knights beat the Sharks and sent them packing, too.

On the way home from checking the mail, we had to stop to let these little baby quail cross the street. They were so adorable and tiny.

We got Gracie's soccer pictures back, and girlfriend looks so grown up and beautiful. These are my favorite soccer pictures we've ever gotten of her. We love the girls on her team so much. Most of them go to school with her and are even in her class, so it's nice that they get to play together.

That night, the Washington Capitals beat the Penguins to win their series. After the game, the a…