Last Week...

Picture of the Week: Oldest and Youngest

We started off the week the same way we ended last week...with baby brother napping.

The plan this week was to take Perry to school three days. Daddy went back to work Monday, and I was trying to work from home. I was going to keep her home, but then I thought about what it would be like to drop her off at school after letting her stay home with me for three to four weeks. She wouldn't want to go back. I figured it'd be easier to take her three days a week to keep her used to it. Monday she got to stay home with me and wanted her own desk to work at since I was working. She even got a new pencil cup to put on it.

She watched movies with baby brother.

She fought me at nap time.

I won, but just before I had to wake her up to go pick up Grace and Charley from school. So did I really win?

Brother was the best snuggler and didn't fight me on naps at all.

Tuesday he napped some more. 

We also snuggled some more. I'm definitely making…