Her Name is Charley {and she's SIX today!}

My Char Char is six years old today. I can't hardly believe it.
She has grown into such a beautiful soul. This girl loves hard and fights harder. She doesn't give in when she wants something and always stands up for what is right.
Charley loves animals (stuffed or real) and anything and everything to do with soccer.
She's so fun to watch on the field. This girl is a ball hawk and loves to get in there to make sure the ball is always heading towards the right goal.
Chawyee is the silliest kid and loves being goofy. You'll constantly catch her singing along to any song that comes on the radio, and she can't help but dance to the beat.
Char always wants to dress herself, and her style is bar none. Her shirts never match her pants, but it doesn't matter as long as they're cute on their own. She loves the color mint and you can almost always catch her wearing it in some form or another.
At six years old, Char is forty-six pounds and forty-five inches tall. She&…

Monkeying Around at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Since our Extra Magic Hours for Saturday were for Disney's Animal Kingdom, we woke up extra early and spent the entire day (7am-10pm) at this park. It was all of our favorite out of everything we did in Disney World.

When we arrived, we walked in to see the Tree of Life. The sun was just coming up, and it looked so beautiful.

The Avatar rides are all that anyone was talking about at the other parks, so we booked it to Pandora immediately. We didn't have Fast Passes (because I got way too overwhelmed looking on their website before our trip), and the wait time for Avatar Flight of Passage was 120 minutes the second the park opened. We went over to Na'vi River Journey, and the ride had closed for a quick repair. No one knew when it would reopen, so everyone was moving on. We decided to hang out for a bit and check out the world of Pandora.

It was pretty incredible, and Grace was all about it. All Char could talk about was how she wanted a blue Avatar hoodie so she could wea…