Last Week...

Picture of the Week: Birthday Party Fun

Perry was being crazy before bed on Monday.

I saw this after I got her to sleep, and it perfectly fit my life at that moment.

Isaac and I went to the playoff game with Mom and Rick on Tuesday and watched the Knights get a 5-0 shutout! We had the best time as usual.

Perry crawled in bed with me when she saw that I had an ice cream cone and proceeded to eat it all.

Grammy took Grace and Charley up to Utah for a couple of days since they were on spring break. They got to spend time with Grandma Beth, Aunt Laura, and Aunt Jessie and had such a great time with them all.

Perry followed Daddy all around, and they sang songs while he pushed her on the swing. He painted a plan for the new plants he is going to install, and she copied him as he surveyed the yard.

Poppa and Gran came over to celebrate Easter on Friday and dye Easter eggs with the girls.

Perry ate as many as she colored.