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Last Week...

Picture of the Week: Crazy Cousins at Grace's Soccer Game Monday morning, Perry woke up extra early and watched Tangled before we had to get ready to leave. Since she was up so early, she took a nap while we drove to school. Grammy picked Grace and Charley up from school, so Perry and I went book shopping at Barnes and Noble before meeting Daddy for dinner at Outback. She helped Mommy wash her hair in the bath that night. Perry watched Tangled on her iPad, while she waited for her sisters to come home. Tuesday night, we did lots of homework. Charley told me the story about George the dog. Grace finished her math and then read me "How to Catch a Monster". It was so cute, and she loved it. The next day at school was Pirate Day as the kindergarteners learned their final letter sound "rrrr". Notice Charley is the only one without her hat and eye patch on. Apparently, she's not that into pirates. Her excu