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Last Week...

...Monday afternoon the girls did a mini-photo session with ducklings at the park. I made this photo comparing them and realized that they really do look a lot alike. ...after pictures, the girls played at the park for a bit. ...when we got home, we went for our nightly walk around the neighborhood, and Charley loved climbing on the big boulders that we passed. ...Gracie made the cutest hand print crafts at school. ...we hung out and played with Itty Bitties while waiting for Daddy to get home from work. ....the girls were so cute in their matching ice cream pajammies before bed. second wavy blanket is coming along much better than the first did. This picture doesn't do it justice. Those colors are much brighter, and the yarn is sparkly, too. ...the girls played with Daddy upstairs and were being so silly (after playing Monopoly and coloring, the living room was destroyed) . ...Charley made some hand