Last Week...

...we took the girls to dinner Monday night, and Charley insisted on eating the lemon from my water. She copped an attitude when it didn't taste quite like she expected it to.

...after dinner, we treated them to ice cream at Cold Stone. Mainly just because it was a Monday.

...Char all of the sudden got this stuffy nose and horrible cough. We lathered her in these five DoTerra oils, she slept on top of me the whole night, and was totally fine within two days. Love these oils so much!

...I took a break and got my nails done all springy.

...Grace learned the pass code on my phone and left me cute pictures like this.

...Charley made pink butterflies with footprints, and her foot was stained pink for two days.

...I watched the iPad while soaking in a warm bath and looked up to find this face staring back at me.

...I got my fourth Groovebook and am fully obsessed with them. For only $2.99 per month, you get 100 photos of your choice printed from your phone. They are bound together, but have a perforated edge to tear them out if you'd like to give them away. They also print the date and time taken on the top border. Isaac and I have talked about how our kids will never have shoe boxes full of old pictures to go through, because they are all just saved on the hard drive. This is such a great way to have memories easily accessible as they grow.

...Char wore her new "hangry" shirt, and Grace "being a little wild" jumped in front of her as I tried to take her picture.

...the girls swept the kitchen floor, while I got stuff ready for us to make Easter cookies.

...I saw Char sitting in the chair and couldn't believe how big/old/grown up she looked in her little True Religion jeans and pony tail. Who is this girl?!

...the girls helped me bake cookies, and then had a blast decorating them. We got creative and made some super cute ones that we delivered to our Sebastian friends across the street.

...we got a Chicago Deep Dish pizza from Rosati's (only because we were too tired to drive out to Grimaldi's), and it was delicious.

...Char was being extra cute before bed that night.

...I saw Grace brushing her hair in her vanity mirror, and when she went to put it away, she saw her make-up. I started recording, and she was too cute putting on all of her pretend make-up (that looks SO real) before bed. The lip smack is my favorite part.

...she then saw her new hat and modeled it for me (don't mind the clothes all over the floor...I have two girls, and we all know how hard it is to find something to wear).

...the girls had dance class Friday, as per usual.

...the studio put up classes and show times for their recital, so I had to take a picture of the first time Grace's name was in a program. So proud :) crazy kids had a giant marshmallow fight, while we grilled dinner.

...I came across this and thought it was perfect. My kids still say "I'm so drinky" instead of "I'm so thirsty", because I refuse to correct them.

...we made some yummy strawberry shortcake for dessert.

...we spent Saturday at the St. Patrick's Day parade.

...Kim took the girls Sunday morning, so Isaac and I did some shopping (we've decided to get the girls bikes for Easter!) and had a quiet lunch at BJ's.

...we found out that Zac and Stef are adding a baby boy to their family at their gender reveal party!

See you next week!!

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