It's a Boy!! {Zac and Stef's Big Reveal}

When we found out Zac and Stef were having another baby, we were so excited for them! Would they have another girl, so Presley could have a little sister to play with? Or would they have the first little Espejo boy? Either way, we were happy that the family was growing.

They decided to have a little gender reveal party this time around, and their families and friends all came to celebrate. Since the Ultrasound tech was certain of the gender at only 13 weeks, I think most of us knew it had to be a boy. Or did it?

The girls had fun playing with Presley and snacking on the yummy fruit spread that the Rizzis made for us all.

Chloe joined in and they all giggled and chased bubbles all over the yard.

Finally, it was time for the big reveal. I don't think any of us wanted to wait another second.

As it turns out, we had to wait a few more minutes, because Zac and Stef were having a hard time hitting the balloons with their darts. The anticipation was growing...

They finally hit the right one, and blue paint came pouring out. It's a boy!!!

We are all so excited! I mean, just look at all of these girls we've got running around! Grace and Chloe were both bummed, because they wanted to add to their numbers, but they got over it quickly and splashed like maniacs in the pool.

These two were just happy to be playing together :)

Although shopping for boys has proven to be a little harder than shopping for girls, at least in my experience, I've managed to find a couple of cute shirts for the little guy.

We can't wait to have another nephew and add to the little crew of babies we've got running around. Two is so much different than one. I can't wait for them to feel the explosion of emotions in their hearts when they see Presley loving on her little brother or the little guy wanting Presley when he's scared or hurt. Sibling love is just incomparable, especially when they are your own babies! 

Congratulations to Zacarias, Stefanie, and Big Sister Presley!! 

Love you guys!!

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