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This Week...

...Grandma Lisa took Grace out for a Slurpee:

...Kelli and Eddie finally gave birth to little Tenley Elizabeth Ditata on October 26th! Of course we had to go visit her and take Grace to meet her newest friend:

...we spent some time over at Uncle Perry's house where Grace and Poppa shared some Cracker Jack's:

...Grace would go into the bedroom and beg me to put her in the Pack 'n Play and turn on a movie. She'll usually stand in there being quiet for a while (until it gets to a boring part). I left her in there while I did some chores and came back to find her like this:

...Isaac had been feeding Grace a lot of soup for dinner because she loves noodles. This time she decided to dump it all over herself before she ate it:

...Grace picked up this new laugh. I'm not really sure where it came from, but we call it "telling a joke":

...we took Grace to Outback for dinner where she had fun coloring:

...we went to another pumpkin patch.
See ya next week :)

I Had to Do It

Even though we already spent a whole day at one pumpkin patch, we had to go to the one closer to home as well.
We took Grace there last year and wanted to let her run around and get some more pumpkins this year.
She got all dolled up in her Minnie Mouse costume and went straight for the pumpkins:

Grammy came with us and helped Grace pick out some pumpkins:

Then we played on the haystacks:

Later, Daddy took Grace in another petting zoo. This time we came away with no turkey bites:

Grace also got to go on her very first pony ride. This kid doesn't show any emotion when it comes to this kind of stuff:

Before we left, Daddy took Grace to the top of the haystack:

After we had all of our humongous pumpkins picked out, Isaac loaded them up (along with Grace) in a wheelbarrow and took them to the car:

We got home and took a nap. All that running around really wore us out.
When we woke up, Grace had a blast playing with the pumpkins:

She wasn't too happy when I put her in one though. 
I had to do …

This Week...

...Easton and Grace rocked out in the Barbie jeep:

...Isaac and I pulled out the panini maker we got for our wedding (thanks Johnny & Monica!!) and used it to make all kinds of yummy paninis. My favorite were the grilled chicken paninis:

...Grace got out of the bath and ran to the dryer with Daddy to get a clean towel. I absolutely love her little bare bottom running around. She's so stinkin' cute:

...she got a coloring book and some new crayons and colored a pretty picture which I immediately took to work and hung above my desk for all to see:

...Noah took Grace for a ride in his cool truck:

...Daddy cut more roses off our bushes in the back yard and let Grace admire them before putting them on the counter in a vase:

...Grace climbed on Grammy's desk to play with her computer:

...she had her sixteen month doctor's appointment with Dr. Vu where she got some shots. Don't worry though. He gave her a sucker that cheered her right up:

...we visited Staheli Family Farm with…

Staheli Farm

Last year, my Aunt Laura told us about a farm in Washington, UT that she took her grandkids to.
It had hay rides, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and lots of other fun activities for kids.
We really wanted to take Grace, but we were at the cabin about two hours away, plus she was a little young.
Now that she's bigger, we were determined to take her for Halloween this year.
We invited our neighbors, The Sebastians, and Grace's best friend, Kasie, to make the trip up there for the day.
Of course they all wanted in, so we planned it out for the Saturday before Halloween weekend. This way we could have enough time to carve pumpkins before the holiday.
When we first arrived, we weren't really sure what to think. There was stuff everywhere, but it didn't seem like there was much for the little kids.

We took some pictures on the saddle:

Grace started out by hopping on a tractor and riding around:

Then her and the boys decided to move on to something a little bigger:

Next up was the rubbe…