This Week...

...Grandma Lisa took Grace out for a Slurpee:

...Kelli and Eddie finally gave birth to little Tenley Elizabeth Ditata on October 26th! Of course we had to go visit her and take Grace to meet her newest friend:

...we spent some time over at Uncle Perry's house where Grace and Poppa shared some Cracker Jack's:

...Grace would go into the bedroom and beg me to put her in the Pack 'n Play and turn on a movie. She'll usually stand in there being quiet for a while (until it gets to a boring part). I left her in there while I did some chores and came back to find her like this:

...Isaac had been feeding Grace a lot of soup for dinner because she loves noodles. This time she decided to dump it all over herself before she ate it:

...Grace picked up this new laugh. I'm not really sure where it came from, but we call it "telling a joke":

...we took Grace to Outback for dinner where she had fun coloring:

...we went to another pumpkin patch.

See ya next week :)

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