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Last Week...

...we played outside with Daddy after school on Monday. ...Perry had a fever last Friday afternoon, and it continued through the weekend. She had no other symptoms, so we went to the doc to see what was up. As it turns out, baby girl had her very first ear infection. She did so good with the doctor and played on her cell phone the whole time. Since she was such a good girl, I let her have her first sucker all to herself. ...afterwards, we walked to Char's soccer practice. While Char kicked the ball around, Perry found some flowers. ...Tuesday, Gracie had a field trip with her class to see a play at The Smith Center. The girls looked so cute all dressed up together. ...Perry found her stash of blankets in my closet. They're her favorite things ever. ...we snuggled in the rocking chair at bed time. ...the girls had a dentist appointment on Thursday, and Perry couldn't take her eyes off this tree with lights o