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2014 Family Photos {Love, Love, Love}

I love getting new pictures of the girls! They change so much at this age, so we try to schedule a shoot around May each year, right in between their birthdays. Last year, we did these fabulous pictures with Chelsea Robbins. She moved to Colorado last year, and we were super bummed. Fortunately, our other favorite photographer, Trish McMillen from Studio ATG contacted me with a special she was running for family portraits. I couldn't have been more excited. I have a hard time talking Isaac into pictures every time, but when I told him Trish would be doing them, I didn't even have to mention anything else. He was all in. She took our wedding photos and Grace's baby pictures among other family shoots she's done for us. We were thrilled to have her take this year's family pictures for us. I had no idea what to do, or where to go. Trish came up with the idea to go to the Clark County Heritage Museum. I thought it was in downtown Las Vegas right up until the

Last Week...

...we spent Monday  and Tuesday in Disneyland having the best time ever. We were bummed to come back home Wednesday, but also excited, because Isaac and I still had five more days off of work! I also have to mention that Charley did amazing the whole time we were in Disneyland. She wore panties the entire time (because we forgot to put her in the pull ups that we had bought specifically for Disneyland) , and is now totally potty trained, even at night time! Whoo Hoo!! This week marks a whole month without any diapers at all. We started panties at bed time a few weeks ago, and she only had two accidents in bed the first week. So proud of my baby girl! ...Grace got a wedding Ariel set in Disneyland with lots of small pieces, so I told her that she had to wait until we got home to open it. Since she was sleeping when we got home, Charley went ahead and opened it for her. She was so funny making Ariel and Eric kiss. ...after we all napped and relaxed, we decided to go t