Mother's Day at Bonnie Springs

If I said that we've been busy lately, it might be the understatement of the century.

My sister got married last Saturday, so of course Mother's Day would follow it up on Sunday. Since that whole side of the family was in town, we spent the morning with them hanging out and having brunch. We wanted to take the girls to Bonnie Springs before it gets too hot, so we decided to squeeze time in with all of the other moms at the same time and invited them to come along.

We knew we had a fun day ahead of us when we arrived and were greeted by a peacock (or a kee-cock as Grace calls it) and a town Sheriff that tried to talk Isaac into a hanging. The girls were excited to check the place out.

Our first stop was lunch at Bonnie Springs Ranch Restaurant for their delicious barbecue and veggies. They had a horse outside, but it just kept eating our quarters, so the girls just pretended to ride it.


Just outside the restaurant is a little pond full of ducks and turtles. Poppa got some food for the girls to feed them, and the turtles came swimming over for a snack.

We headed over to Old Town since the hanging was about to start. It was such a gorgeous day, and I couldn't help but to admire the scenery with the beautiful mountains in the background.

We saw a peacock nesting on her egg, and Charley played on the merry-go-round with Auntie. Grace stayed away since her tummy was still a little queasy from the flu she had the day before. Charley loved spinning, and then she wanted to spin Auntie Elisha around.

We walked around, got some Cream Soda and Sarsaparilla at an old bar, and Charley snacked on some Cheetos while being a cheese ball.

We came across an old photo place with costumes to dress up in. We couldn't resist, and Charley had a blast playing an old cowboy. (I'll have to post the photo of us all another time. I left it with Grandma.)

After our photo shoot, we headed over to the zoo to check out the animals. A sweet little deer greeted us as we walked in.

Daddy helped the girls feed the deer, and Gracie loved being so close to them.

They had these two huge wolves that I just wanted to snuggle with. They're so cute!

We also saw baby chicks, a wallaby, porcupines, ponies and more.

I got this great action shot of a goat head butting Charley's belly. The first time, she was confused, and the second time she started crying. The rest of us were laughing so hard. Poor kid!

After the goat incident, Char made Auntie hold her while sister pet the other goats.

Since Char had so much fun being a cowboy, we got the girls some cap guns. They had a blast shooting everyone with them.

Next, we headed over to the train station to take a ride. Charley rode on a lion while we waited, and Auntie shared some licorice with her.

The train finally came, and the girls were so excited to ride on it.

We spotted some wild burros munching around, too. Grace and Charley thought it was so funny when they practicing shooting at them.

We had so much fun that the girls passed out the second we got into the car.

(Love Char's Cheeto face!)

The weather couldn't have been more perfect. We had such a blast hanging out with everyone and spending Mother's Day with so many of our moms. We truly appreciate all four of them and couldn't have asked for better ones!

We love you all! 

Happy Mother's Day!!

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