Last Week...

...we spent Monday and Tuesday in Disneyland having the best time ever. We were bummed to come back home Wednesday, but also excited, because Isaac and I still had five more days off of work! I also have to mention that Charley did amazing the whole time we were in Disneyland. She wore panties the entire time (because we forgot to put her in the pull ups that we had bought specifically for Disneyland), and is now totally potty trained, even at night time! Whoo Hoo!! This week marks a whole month without any diapers at all. We started panties at bed time a few weeks ago, and she only had two accidents in bed the first week. So proud of my baby girl!

...Grace got a wedding Ariel set in Disneyland with lots of small pieces, so I told her that she had to wait until we got home to open it. Since she was sleeping when we got home, Charley went ahead and opened it for her. She was so funny making Ariel and Eric kiss.

...after we all napped and relaxed, we decided to go to Memphis BBQ for dinner. It's definitely the favorite of every member of our family. Char is obsessed with their honey butter and "fweet tea", while Grace is more of a banana pudding type of gal.

...Thursday morning, we hit up the car wash, where crazy Charley ate Cheetos for breakfast.

...back at home, we snuggled and the girls played with their new stuffed animals that they brought back from California. Char learned the 'Winnie the Pooh' song and yells "Winnie da Poooooh" whenever she sees him or Eeyore now.

...Char showed me how she feeds her baby, and Grace told me that she wants me to have another baby girl, so she can "take care of it all by herself".

...Friday, we met the Sebastians at the splash pad and had a blast running and splashing all over the place. Charley played basketball with Daddy, the kiddos enjoyed the swings, and they took over the playground after they got soaked and needed to warm up.

...after the park, Noah came with us to grab some lunch and ice cream at Wahoo's. It's so funny listening to him and Grace talk to one another. They crack me up!

...Friday night, we went to a barbecue/wedding shower at the Roland's casa. It was so much fun, because we got to see all of Isaac's old football buddies from high school. They were our best friends through some of the funnest years of our lives, and it was amazing how we all just jumped back into our friendships like no time had passed at all. We reminisced about so many fun memories and celebrated Mikey's upcoming wedding. Such a fun night!

(Showing my girly girls that the rollie pollies aren't so terrifying.)

(Making sand castles with Mikey's mom, Shirley.)

(Char got tired, so Mike let her borrow his Tupac blanky.)

(Helping Leslie give Layla a bath.)

...the next morning, we had family pictures scheduled with one of our most favorite photographers, Trish from Studio ATG. Since it was early, we grabbed some breakfast burritos and ate in the car in front of the museum. (Pictures coming soon!)

...back at home, Isaac left to go to Mikey's bachelor party. Charley found a picture that Uncle Elijah sent us with his graduation announcements and carried it all around with her.

...we watched Wall-E on the couch and took silly selfies.

...Charley fell asleep, so Grace watched Daniel Tiger quietly in her bed. She told me that at nap time at school, "my teacher says we don't have to sleep, but we have to lay down and have quiet time if we aren't tired". Awesome! Then you have to do that at nap time at home, too.

...she made a video for Daddy, because she missed him.

...Gracie and I made cookies for Memorial Day while Charley slept.

...Sunday, we went to the Rolanderson wedding and had so much fun! I made a new friend in Kristina and reconnected with so many old friends from high school. The wedding was gorgeous, and Molly was a stunning bride! Isaac and I were able to let loose and have fun, because the girls had a sleep over with Grandma Kim, and we had the following day off work for Memorial Day. We danced the night away with our old school besties, and I think it's pretty obvious by the pictures that the boys really missed each other! Hopefully, since we reconnected, we'll get to see them all a lot more often from now on. I just adore Molly and Meghan, and am so happy that the guys found such great girls for me to hang with while they do their boy stuff. Congrats, Mike and Molly!! (Now go make a baby!)

One of the best weeks ever! So much fun was had!!

See you next time <3

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