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This Week...

...we got a puppy!!
...Grace modeled for Grammy.

...we went for LOTS of walks. Since we have a dog now, we figured it'd be nice to go on daily walks so he (and we) can get some exercise. Fortunately, it's also a great way to get Grace to take her afternoon nap. They're both pooped after the long walk:

...Ca$h jumped up and gave Grace her first battle wound under her right eye. We're working on teaching him "NO jumping" even though she didn't seem to mind:

...Grace finally learned to feed herself snacks. She still wants nothing to do with holding a bottle. It's the cutest thing in the world to watch those chunky little hands hold a tiny cereal puff and shove one after another into her pouty little lips:

...she also started resting her feet on the edge of her high chair. What a weirdo:

...Grace fell asleep in the car with Olivia (her favorite toy, books, show, etc.):

...she got SuPeR fast chasing Ca$h all over the living room trying to steal his toys:

...he and…

Meet Cash!

Cassius is the newest addition to our family!
Isaac and I have been talking about getting Gracie a puppy for her first birthday, because she absolutely loves dogs and lights up whenever she sees one.
Anyone who knows me, knows that once I know I am going to get something, I want it NOW!
I have been looking for miniature schnauzers online for weeks.
That is what Isabel was, and we adored her.
I have also visited quite a few pet stores around town lately.
I couldn't find a puppy that looked as cute as Isabel, and Isaac wasn't too set on getting another schnauzer.
He said that if we did that, it would feel like we were just replacing Izzie.
I agreed.
She was too special to us to just replace her.
We started researching different types of dogs to see which kind we wanted to get.
Golden Retrievers seemed to be the best bet.
They are AmAziNg family dogs, great with children, really strive to please their owners, and one of the smartest dogs out there!
A very interesting fact that I came across i…

This Week...

...Grammy got Grace a really cool new toy. It stands at just the right height and has water in one side and sand in the other. She got some cool water toys with it and went out to play when it was nice and warm out on Monday. She loved the water so much that she splashed EvErYwHeRe and soaked herself!

...I continued putting Grace's hair in those sweet little pony tails and we took her to Montesano's for dinner. We used to go there all the time with Isaac's family before they closed down the restaurant. Recently, they've opened back up in a new location much closed to our house, and it's just as delicious as ever:

...Isaac and Grace took a much needed nap after work, and she woke up with the cutest bed head. Then she woke Daddy up so they could play:

...Grace got her first bath mohawk:

...I was super slammed at work! After I picked Grace up from my mom's, I had to take her back into the office with me so I could finish up a few things. She had lots of fun playing wi…

Green Everywhere

Since St. Patrick's Day fell on a Thursday this year, the City of Henderson had the annual St. Patty's Day Parade the following Saturday.
We wanted to take Grace, but we weren't sure how she'd like it being so young and all.
We got up early, got ready, and grabbed a quick breakfast.
Then we headed down to Water Street to find a nice place to enjoy the view.
There were vendors selling all kinds of neat St. Patty's Day hats, necklaces, and toys:

When we decided on a spot, we realized that we were right behind a friend of ours from high school!
Shelly was there with her three kids to watch the parade as well.
It was so nice to see her and her gorgeous children!
After we visited for a few minutes, the parade finally started:

Daddy held Grace up high so she could see better:

Isaac's favorite float was the old cars:

I really liked the drum line:

And Grace went CrAzY when all of the little dogs walked by:

When Johnny Simmons' (an old family friend) float came by, he gave Grace…

Pony Tails

I must say this every month, but isn't it crazy that Grace is already nine months old?
I can't believe it.
It seems like just yesterday we were sitting in the living room watching the season premiere of True Blood the night before she arrived.
Now she's yelling, crawling, and squealing all over the place.
We went to her nine month wellness check-up on Monday and here is a list of what she's got going on:
* 22.5 lbs - 95th percentile * 27.5 inches tall - just above the 50th percentile * Crawling like a Pro * Squealing with Excitement * Six teeth! * Walking around the furniture with just one hand * HaTeS sleeping (it literally takes hours to get her to bed each night) * Still wearing 12-18 month clothes * Serious stranger anxiety (she'll barely let anyone hold her but me) * Loves to play outside * Olivia is still her favorite show * Eating "real" food with us (rice, bread, cereal, etc.) * Waving at everyone * Enough hair for pony tails :)
I've been waiting for this for mo…

This Week...

...Isaac taught Grace how to show off her guns (he would):

...Grace played outside every afternoon with her friend Easton:

...Grandma Lisa came over one morning to watch Grace. She always takes her on a walk through the neighborhood, and Grace was SoOo excited to go:
I LOVE that little dimple
...Isaac bought Grace a jumper, and she loves it (can you say spoiled?):

...Grace practiced feeding herself with a spoon, but NOT with the jar actually open. That would have been just asking for a DiSaStEr:

...she crawled EvErYwHeRe. Baby girl is getting good. I seriously look away for a second, and she's in the next room:

...we went to Lake Las Vegas for one of our favorite events of the year.
...we went to Grandpa & Grandma Espejo's to celebrate some birthdays. Grace always has fun with her aunt and uncles:

And that was our week. I hope yours was just as fun :)