Meet Cash!

Cassius is the newest addition to our family!

Isaac and I have been talking about getting Gracie a puppy for her first birthday, because she absolutely loves dogs and lights up whenever she sees one.

Anyone who knows me, knows that once I know I am going to get something, I want it NOW!

I have been looking for miniature schnauzers online for weeks.

That is what Isabel was, and we adored her.

I have also visited quite a few pet stores around town lately.

I couldn't find a puppy that looked as cute as Isabel, and Isaac wasn't too set on getting another schnauzer.

He said that if we did that, it would feel like we were just replacing Izzie.

I agreed.

She was too special to us to just replace her.

We started researching different types of dogs to see which kind we wanted to get.

Golden Retrievers seemed to be the best bet.

They are AmAziNg family dogs, great with children, really strive to please their owners, and one of the smartest dogs out there!

A very interesting fact that I came across is that Golden Retrievers are such good care takers, that if given tiger cubs or kittens, a female golden retriever will start to produce milk to nurse the babies even if she was never pregnant!!

It is just in their nature to comfort and care for others.

Who could ask for anything more?

For all of these reasons, in addition to their cuteness, we decided on a Golden Retriever.

The ONLY bad thing about them is that they shed once a year for 365 days.

Lucky for me, I had just seen one at one of the pet stores I visited :)

I went back with my mom to check it out and see if he and Grace got along.

She fell in love and so did I.

I texted Isaac picture after picture and begged him.

He finally called back and said yes!!

I bought him and brought him home that night.

We decided on the name Cassius because that is Mohammed Ali's real name, and we're huge boxing fans.

We call him Ca$h for short.

He is:


A Chewer

A Good Listener

A Great Tug-of-War Partner

Grace's New Best Friend!!

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