This Week...

...Grammy got Grace a really cool new toy. It stands at just the right height and has water in one side and sand in the other. She got some cool water toys with it and went out to play when it was nice and warm out on Monday. She loved the water so much that she splashed EvErYwHeRe and soaked herself!

...I continued putting Grace's hair in those sweet little pony tails and we took her to Montesano's for dinner. We used to go there all the time with Isaac's family before they closed down the restaurant. Recently, they've opened back up in a new location much closed to our house, and it's just as delicious as ever:

...Isaac and Grace took a much needed nap after work, and she woke up with the cutest bed head. Then she woke Daddy up so they could play:

...Grace got her first bath mohawk:

...I was super slammed at work! After I picked Grace up from my mom's, I had to take her back into the office with me so I could finish up a few things. She had lots of fun playing with everyone (including Grandpa Rick). I gave her all of the essentials for the business: a ruler, a hard hat, and most importantly, a Spanish-English Dictionary!

...we played Hedbandz with Kasie and Jeremy after our Friday night dinner. It is actually a lot harder than you think. Grace was the best at it:

...Grace woke up super happy on Saturday morning. She played in her bed for a while before we got up for the day:

(Those baby blues seriously get me!!)

(And check out those big girl teeth!)

...we took Grace to the City of Henderson St. Patrick's Day Parade, and she had an awesome time.

...Grace practiced her driving skills with her blue car. Apparently, she likes to drive naked. She's especially good at shifting gears: sister, Allison, left for her big move to Kansas so we had a good-bye dinner for her on Sunday. We are all sad to see her go, but we're hoping for the best and that everything will work out for her there.

When we went to dinner, Grace got to wear pigtails for the first time. She's seriously the cutest thing EvEr!!

Good luck, Allison! We're all here for you if you ever need anything. Love you <3

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