Twice a Year

Twice a year, Isaac and I go to a 'beer walk' with our best friends.

A beer walk is a festival where you pay at the door, receive a glass, and walk around to about thirty different brewery booths. 

Some are local while some travel all the way across the country. 

We always have ThEe bEsT time because the walks are held at Montelago Village in Lake Las Vegas.

It is so beautiful there, and since they are always in March and November, the weather is also perfect.

This happened to be Grace's third beer walk.

She went with us in November and last March when I was six months pregnant.

We went early to spend some time enjoying the weather with Grace before the drinking began.

An hour later, our friends arrived and we even got my mom and sister to come spend the day with us.

We enjoyed some beer, ate at a yummy Mexican restaurant. and had an awesome time with our friends.

Since this is one of our favorite things to do, we are already counting down the days until the next beer walk in November!

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